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Your Struggle for Radiant Looks Can Be Ended with Healthy Food Choices


Getting your regular facials/dermatologist treatment/applying face packs regularly, and yet do not have a forever radiant look?

Who doesn’t want to have a glowing and healthy skin with infinite levels of energy… It is not something that is a distant dream to achieve because, we are truly a reflection of what we eat, how we eat, where we eat and with what mindset we eat. Food habits dominate the good food we consume, hence, it is very essential that we take a note of our food habits. This article is all about our food habits that are our rivals for getting a radiant look.

If you are concerned about your beauty then you must definitely be concerned about your health. Food is the most important part of human life, is neglected. The importance of food has been given to its flavor while its real importance lies in the nutritional aspect.

Watch out how food choices and habits affects us negatively….

Healthy Skin

7 Good food habits for Healthy Skin

  • The first thing to avoid in the morning is your cup of tea/coffee. Sabse phele band karo isko..!! They are calorific and nutritionally of zero value. They do no benefit to us and in fact disrupts the elimination process of our toxins in the body.
  • Adopt herbal tea!! It boosts your body naturally and is full of antioxidants, helps in complete removal of toxins and giving a clearer and healthy skin…

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  • The second thing to avoid is Refined Sugar… It is of no good use.. They cause obesity, acne problems, greasy/oily hair and poor blood circulation.
  • Incorporate jaggery/honey in your diet instead. They purify the blood and clear toxins too.

Of course, nothing can beat the goodness of fruit. Binge eating of fruits is allowed !!

  • Excessive salt in the diet causes puffiness under your eyes, causes hypertension and bloating during menstrual cycle. Keep the salt content to minimal to get rid of these problems.
Healthy skin tips
  • Another common bad food choice is of Spicy food.

Did u know spicy food is an addiction? Your body craves for spicy food!! Stay away from it.

It doesn’t improve digestion, causes blood vessels to dilate and capillaries break out and this also inhibits toxin removal from the body…

  • The entire process of having a radiant look and Healthy skin is having improved a good circulation of blood, and elimination of toxins, hence, it is very important that we eat foods that flush toxin out of our body…

Food choices are in our hands… It’s never too late to start it all new!! Go get your beautiful healthy skin!!!

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