Top 5 Healthy Foods That Will Boost Your Child’s Immunity


Are you an anxious mother who is always worried about your Child’s immunity? Are you always confused about picking up healthy foods that are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants? Meticulously deciding the menu for boosting child’s immunity is a tedious job and with many food options on the shelf space today in retail market.

We have handpicked some super foods that will improve the health of your children, boost the immunity, keep kids energetic & healthy throughout.

It is certain that the foods we consume directly affect our health. Hence, while picking up from shelf always go through the ingredient list, the nutrition label thoroughly which will ease out the decision process while making a purchase.

Top 5 Foods that will Immensely Enhance your Childs Immunity

Prebiotic Foods are for Child’s Immunity!

Prebiotic foods are those foods that have beneficial bacteria inoculated in them which improves the health of the gut bacteria, hence improving immunity & overall health of the body.

These foods are particularly beneficial when the child is suffering from any gut related issues like acidity, constipation, diarrhoea, stomach sickness.

Some prebiotic foods are Yogurt Kefir, Fermented Pickles, Miso, Tempeh.

Iron Rich foods are for Growing Children

Pomegranate for childs immunity

Iron is the central element in Hemoglobin, which is very important for growing child’s immunity & also for adults.

Anaemia is the common deficiency disease occurring in teenager women & pregnant ladies.

Iron is abundantly found in Spinach, Pomegranate, Soyabeans, legumes, shell fish.

*Consuming Vitamin C along with Iron rich foods is known to increase the absorption of Iron in the body*

The Mighty Vitamin C for All Age Groups

The citric Vitamin is always the best thing to have when the child is suffering from cough & cold. It is an antioxidant which is always helpful when there is an inflammation or infection in the body, thus boosting child’s immunity system.

It boosts the immunity of the body & also heals the wound very quickly. So, always give your child adequate amount of Vitamin C to your kids.

This micronutrient is widely found in fruits, berries, vegetables.

*Lymcee is the common Vitamin C supplement available but it is advised not to give to the children unless prescribed by the doctor*

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Whole Grains make an Awesome Diet

Whole Grain foods are healthy foods!

The new trend of giving lot of whole wheat grains is the best thing to adopt for children, if you want to fuel your child’s immunity system. Wheat is the staple food of India.

Now, we have multi grain available in form of flour, bread, bun, burgers, pizzas. Why not indulge on them rather than stand-alone maida and wheat foodstuffs.

Give them jowar, bajra, ragi regularly.

Veggies are the best for Child’s immunity 

We have got variety of vegetables in market, in different colours and forms. Consuming all the varieties of veggies will provide all the nutrients required for a growing human body.

Add beetroots, carrots, bell pepper, capsicums of all colours, tomatoes, broccoli, brinjals, cabbage, spinach, fenugreek and many more vegetables as they can boost child’s immunity system really fast.

With kids around me every time, I understand the tantrums that they throw while having their food.

It takes effort to make them eat health foods as they always want to have chocolates, candies, desserts, which fears me that this would not only harm their health but also give them a sweet tooth.

Carbs are what we, adults, are trying to avoid and making these children addicted to sweet stuffs, it would be a struggle for them to fight hard against the common lifestyle disorder.

Children never realize their own hunger, thus it is important to give them a few bites of healthy foods every 1.5-2.5 hours.

Giving 1-2 glasses of milk shake (milk + horlicks/boost) is one of the most important meal of the day for these active and naughty children.

So, try to figure out what they really like among the healthy foods stuff, it can be, raisins, cashews, cucumbers, peanuts and make sure that you give these top 5 listed healthy foods along with their favorite item to enhance a child’s immunity system. This is how it worked for me!