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Say, cheese as Jerry Did!


Saying “Cheeese” while clicking a photograph is for a bright smile and eating cheese is for bright skin.

The 1990s Cartoon Network showed small releases of the most loved yet famous animated Series “TOM & JERRY”. And if you have been a school going kid, I am pretty sure you and your friends loved Jerry for his smart and witty humour. Tom, the cat always chased Jerry to consume him and Jerry, tiny sized with surprising strength loved Cheese and wins our heart coming out of Tom’s notorious attempts.

If you see, the 1990s Cartoon has always shown us good food to eat:

Jerry & Cheese

Dexter & Omelette Du Fromage 

Poppeye & Spinach

Bugs Bunny & Carrots

Google: Omelette Du Fromage and the first thing you will see is Dexter !! Eureka !!

                          Omelette Du Fromage

Cheese, a dairy product is the most beneficial one. Not everyone prefers it but its multi-benefits will make you turn towards it. Replace your dairy butter (it contains 80% fat, FYI) with cheese (rich in Calcium, Vitamin K and Vitamin B12).


Cheese is the most beneficial dairy product

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One thick slice of it gives you enough proteins that you get from a glass of milk. The abundant protein found in it is casein, preferably alpha-casein.

Trying to gain weight or build your muscles, cheese is your way to do it. Diet and working out go hand in hand !!

It contains fat varying from 8-34% depending on the variety you pick up. The fat content is highest in cream cheese.

The carbs in this diary product is lactose, which is commonly called as milk sugar.

It is predominant in Vitamins and Minerals. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12 and minerally rich in Zinc, Sodium, Selenium and most importantly CALCIUM.

It brings glow on your face. Yes it does.! Have it regularly and see the effects


Cheese helps you stay away from :

  1. Bone Problems
  2. Gum Problems
  3. Heart Diseases
  4. Dull Skin
  5. Hair fall
  6. Blood clotting problems
  7. Pigmentation on face.

Do you Bite Nails; and cannot just stop doing it?? Then, have this daily.