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11 Amazing Benefits of Sarson Ka Saag

Maximizing the Sarson ka Saag Benefits

Sarso; Mustard Seeds and Greens is the most loved saag of North Indians, while in the south, people prefer mustard seeds in Salads and Soups. Cultivated in the winters, it is consumed with a lot of love as the Sarson ka saag benefits are plentiful. 

Mustard greens are a part of the Brassica family that includes cabbage, broccoli, and brussels sprouts. The leaves have more flavor when you pick them in the winter months, from November to March. When you shop for mustard greens in the market to make Sarson ka saag, pick only those leaves that are crispy and dark-green. 

Sarson ka saag is a mouthwatering dish and is usually accompanied by makai roti with a generous topping of butter.sarson ka saag

No need to say, mustard greens are one of the most nutritious food for vegans. They are known to be full of Vitamins and Minerals, especially Vitamins A and K, and Iron.

The Mustard leaves, seeds, and stems are edible. We steam the leaves and eat, use the mustard seeds as condiments, and obtain mustard by pressing the seeds. So, is it not a magical plant!

And of course, not to forget the memorable movie scenes shot in Sarso ke khet.

Store the leaves in your refrigerator immediately as they can lose their freshness at room temperature. Use the leaves to make your favorite Sarson ka saag as early as possible to make maximum use of their freshness.

Top Eleven Sarson Ka Saag Benefits

One of the most important benefits of sarso da saag is that it keeps you warm during the chilly winters. Its high vitamin and mineral content also boosts the energy of the body. This is what makes Sarson ka Saag people’s winter favorite. 

1. Fights Oxidative Stress

Sarson Ka Saag, containing Vitamin A, C, E, and K, is a powerhouse of antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential to fight against oxidative stress, which is the supreme cause of aging.

2. Protects your Eye

Sarson ka saag improves eye health and prevents night blindness. This is because the saag has a high amount of Vitamin A, which essentially improves eye vision. The antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein prevent oxidative damage to the retina and prevent macular degeneration.sarson ka saag

3. Improves Digestion and Bowel Movements

Sarson Ka Saag has high fiber content, which helps in relieving constipation and aids in weight loss. It promotes good colon health and positively impacts your digestion.

4. Prevents Build-up of Bad Cholesterol

It improves the cholesterol levels in the body by reducing the low-density cholesterol and increasing the high-density cholesterol. Steamed mustard greens can bind bile acids, which is crucial in lowering cholesterol levels. This also suggests that Sarson ka saag benefits cardiovascular patients by preventing artery blockage.

5. Prevents Calcium Deficiency

Mustard greens are rich in Calcium and are, therefore, good for those suffering from joint pains. You will get 115 mg Calcium in 100 gm of mustard greens. Potassium and Calcium are complementary minerals as potassium prevents calcium loss through urination, thus benefiting the patients with calcium deficiency. Sarson ka saag is rich in Vitamin K, which means there will be better absorption of Vitamin D and Calcium.

6. Beneficial During Menopause

Sarson ka saag is beneficial to people fighting menopause and asthma due to its rich vitamin profile. During menopause, women face arthritis and anemia problems, which they can tackle through adequate consumption of healthy foods.

7. Builds your Immunity

Being high in vitamin C, mustard greens are excellent for building your immunity. 

A single cup of Sarson ka saag can cover most of your daily vitamin  C requirements. Vitamin A in Sarso improves the growth of T cells, thereby strengthening your immune response and helping fight infections.

8. Has Anticancer Properties

Studies reveal that the presence of antioxidants and other plant compounds known as glucosinolates in Sarson ka saag could be effective in preventing cancer. Glucosinolates are known to prevent DNA damage in cells, thereby preventing cancer growth.sarson ka saag

9. Promotes Bone Health

Vitamin K deficiency is known to reduce bone strength and puts you at risk for osteoporosis. Sarson ka saag has vitamin k in abundance and is, therefore, good for your bone health.

10. Improves Brain Function

Deficiency in vitamin K has been recently linked to brain health and could cause dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Since Sarson da saag has plenty of vitamin K, it could improve brain functioning and prevent such conditions. One cup Sarson ka saag contains nearly 150 grams of vitamin K.

11.Is a Great Detox Agent

Sarson ka saag acts as an excellent detox agent for your skin and body. Its powerful antioxidants flush out the harmful toxins from the skin and prevent conditions like acne. Here is a list of more foods that can help you develop a radiating skin

Nutrition Content of Sarson ka saag

All over the world, people love mustard greens as they are delicious and have a high nutritional content. In a cup of raw mustard greens, you get vitamin C around 45% of the daily value  (DV), along with vitamin A that is around 9% of the DV.

Delicious Sarson da saag provides a lot of fiber for your daily needs and is low in calories, which is why it is everyone’s favorite comfort food. 

This table provides the nutrition values in Sarson ka saag:



Vitamin A

618 µg

Vitamin K


Vitamin B1

0.041 mg

Vitamin B2

0.063 mg

Vitamin B3

0.433 mg

Vitamin B5

0.12 mg

Vitamin B6

0.098 mg

Vitamin B9

9 µg

Beta carotene

7400 µg

lutein zeaxanthin 

10400 µg

Vitamin C

25.3 mg

Vitamin E

1,78 mg


0,87 mg


118 mg


13 mg


162 mg


42 mg


0.22 mg


9 mg


You can read the complete nutrition profile of Sarson ka saag here

The Best Ways to Store Sarson ka Saag

  • If you want to keep your Sarson leaves for up to a week, you need to keep them in a plastic bag that is tightly sealed and place it in your refrigerator’s vegetable crisper.
  • You can also freeze them. Begin with removing the damaged portions in the leaves. Then blanch the leaves by boiling in water for a couple of minutes. Cool them, drain completely, and store them in your freezer inside bags. 
  • Keep the leaves unwashed in the vegetable crisper in your fridge. It is better to wash the leaves only when you are ready to use them.sarson ka saag recipe

Different Cooking Styles for  Sarson Ka Saag

The mustard leaves have a distinct bitter taste, which can be greatly reduced by cooking and adding jaggery. Usually, Sarson da saag is made by adding leaves of radish, spinach, and bathua.

If you like a smoky flavor, then cook it with coal or earthen pots, and don’t forget to trap the smoke into your winter favorite Sarson ka saag.

Another valuable tip is always preparing Sarson ka saag in a season since its taste will be greater. 

Watch for the video by Zayka Recipes on how to prepare delicious Sarson Da Saag. Reap the benefits, and do let us know if you notice any improvement in your health.

Tips to Prepare Mustard Greens for your Sarson ka Saag

Here are some handy tips which can help you sort, clean, and finally prepare the mustard greens to be cooked into Sarso ka Saag:

  • The first essential thing you need to do is clean your Sarson greens by washing them in lukewarm water. This will remove all the dirt and other particles from your leaves. This is an important step while making Sarson ka saag
  • Then, you can remove the stems next. One way of removing the stems is to fold your leaves in half and then discard the stems.
  • It is not necessary to dry your greens before cooking. The water remaining on the leaves will help in cooking your leaves faster.

How to Bring Down the Bitterness of Sarson ka Saag and Other Useful Cooking Tips

People love mustard greens for their unique taste despite their slight bitterness. Below, you will discover some useful tips to reduce the bitterness and bring out the full flavor of your Sarson greens.

sarson ka saag

        • One excellent way to lessen the bitterness is to blanch your mustard greens in boiling water along with spinach. Now the leaves are ready for further cooking and seasoning.
  • It is always better to uncover the vessel when you cook Sarson leaves. The volatile acids in the leaves can cause them to become bitter and also make them lose their color. By uncovering the lid, you are letting the acids escape.
  • If you want to thicken your Sarson ka saag, add cornflour or makai atta.
  • Always add only unsalted butter after your Sarson ka saag is ready since you have already added salt to the dish. 


How to Make Lip-smacking Sarson ka Saag?Sarson ka saag

This is the Punjabi version of Sarson ka saag and is hugely popular in India and also worldwide.

If you are patient while making the Sarson ka saag recipe, you can taste the delightful, original taste of the dish. 

Here is a step-by-step method of preparing a delicious sarson da saag along with the right measurement of the ingredients that you will need!


What you will need:

Chopped mustard leaves (around 3 to 4 cups)


Palak leaves – chopped (same quantity as Sarson)

Oil for seasoning – 1 tbsp

Chopped garlic – 1 tbsp

Chopped ginger – 1 tbsp

Chopped green chilies – 1 to 1 ½ tbsp

Onions – chopped finely – ½ cup

Haldi – ½ teaspoon

Chilli powder – 1 tsp

Jeera – 1 tsp

Hing – ¼ tsp

Dhania-jeera powder – ½ tsp

Salt as per taste

Preparation Steps:

  • Boil water in a deep pan. Add mustard leaves, palak, and chilies. Let it cook for around 5 minutes. 
  • Turn off the gas and drain with a strainer.
  • To retain its freshness and color, add cold water immediately and drain it again. 
  • Let it cool for a few minutes.
  • Use a mixer to blend the Sarson mixture, adding around a quarter cup of water. 
  • Next, take a Kadai and heat oil. Add jeera.
  • On sputtering, add garlic, hing, and ginger, and fry for half a minute.
  • Add onions and saute for around two minutes.
  • Now, add the blended sarson mixture to the fried onions.
  • Also, add haldi, salt, chili powder, dhania-jeera powder, and mix well. The mixture should now cook for another two to three minutes. Keep stirring occasionally. 

Your delicious Sarson ka saag is now ready for tasting. Serve it hot with makai roti.

Here is another recipe using Sarson leaves; you will love using the pressure cooker.

How to make tasty Sarson ka Saag sabzi

What you need:

sarso ka saag benefits

Mustard greens – one bunch

Palak – one bunch

Grated ginger – ½  tsp

Onions – finely chopped -1

Chopped garlic – ½ tsp

Lemon juice – ½ tbsp

Grated cheese – 1 tbsp

Salt as per taste

Ghee – 1 tbsp

Oil for seasoning

Garam masala – 1/2 tbsp

Makai atta – 1 tbsp

How to prepare Sarson da Saag?

Here is a complete procedure which will help you preparing this awesome delicacy: 

  •  Wash Sarson leaves and palak, drain them.
  • Finely chop them 
  • Take a pressure cooker and add one tablespoon of ghee
  • Let it melt and heat
  • Add the leaves and green chilies, and mix.
  • Now add garlic, ginger, salt.
  • Add water and stir properly.
  • Cook the greens for two whistles.
  • Let the mixture cool. Then grind to make a coarse paste.
  • Take a pan and add ghee.
  • Add onions to saute till the color becomes light brown,
  • Next, add the Sarson paste, along with garam masala and makai atta.
  • Add lemon juice.
  • Cook the mixture till you see oil separating.
  • Add grated cheese on top as a garnish.

Your all-time season favorite Sarson da saag is ready!

Serve Sarson ka saag sabzi hot with parathas or makai roti.

o, with so many Sarson ka saag benefits and easy to prepare recipes, will you take this in the coming winter? It provides natural warmth to the body, so it is consumed regularly in the winter season in North India when the temperature falls to single digits or minus degrees. 

From improving your eyesight to curing joint pains, mustard greens can help you develop your holistic well-being. 

Remember this delicious green is only available during the winter season so do have it as many times as you can!