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Rice is Nice :)


A lot of us have feared that rice tends to increase our weight since it is loaded with starch. But, it also contains the lysine-an essential amino acid, that most cereals lack!

Rice: The traditional grain

It has been traditionally very important for all of us- from the newborns to the newlyweds, It’s the first grain that has been introduced to us. During any festival, its the rice thats showered on the forehead or placed along with the tikka on the forehead. In South India, the bride and the groom perform a ritual named Talambralu, where they shower each other with turmeric colored rice on each others head, while priests recites mantras. The newlywed dulhan enters the sasural after kicking a pot of rice. And, surprisingly how we have started eliminating it from our diet ! Alas !

rice showered on bride
Rice being showered on the groom

It is eaten with dals for a complete balanced diet. The dals, ghee are known to lower the glycemic index of the food, hence reducing the weight

it has been traditionally cooked by our grandmas by removing the water. The idea behind the removal of water is not to remove the starch but the anti-ageing nutrients.

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Why Rice is Nice?

  1. Rice is known to contain Vitamin B1; Thiamine.
  2. It eases bowel moment.
  3. It allows us to have a proper sleep.
  4. It is rich in methonine-an amino acid, which breaks fat in the liver.
  5. It contains inositol-which has fat burning, anti-burning and irritability reducing properties.
  6. It allows the assimilation of Vitamin D and Calcium.
  7. Rice contains less than 10% required of starch which is converted to glucose in our body.

FYI: Chawal and dal proportion for the preparation of kichdi Ph.D is being carried out in Stanford University, so now you know your mothers and grandmothers are the best to consult for well-being!