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My humble Daal Chawal – These facts will make you think once again!


Humble Daal Chawal?? Does it sound personified or funny? Well, I call it humble because it is the most nutritious yet the ignored meal of the day & this post is dedicated to my husband- Mr Sanket Garg who hated having Daal-Chawal (Rice & Lentil) & after realizing the humility of Daal-Chawal now eats it whenever served. Many of us do not realize the importance of Daal-Chawal & find good reasons to avoid it. The best one being- I do not like it. This post is for all those mothers who want to prepare daal chawal & children of the loving mothers who try to avoid it.


daal chawal

Rice is rich in starch & many people believe that it makes us obese, but it is not the case. It is the richest

source of protein amongst all the grains. It contains 8 essential amino acids out of 10 (Amino acids are the building blocks of Proteins) which are not produced in the body, hence it is important that you consume these amino acids which cannot be synthesized by the body. Rice is rich in Methonine, an essential amino acid & lack Lysine. It is rich in Thiamine, Niacin & Iron.


daal chawal

Daal, being a pulse is rich in proteins & has abundance of Lysine, while it is deficient in Methonine. Daal is also rich in minerals, notably iron & zinc. It is also rich in vitamins like Thiamine, folic acid.

Hence, both Rice & Dal compensate for each others deficiency, providing all the essential amino acids required by the human body.

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The role of micro nutrient is unique in our body. It is required in very little quantity & makes our body work smoothly. Deficiency of vitamins or minerals can really be painful to our body. The absorption of the  micro nutrients can be increased/decreased by complementing it with the right partner (Vitamin D increases the absorption of Calcium)

Never drink tea after consuming foods that are rich in Iron. Tea reduces the availability of iron in human body. Consume citrus fruits/orange juices to increase the assimilation of iron in the body.

Always make sure that you don’t throw the water used for soaking rice & daal, as it contains vitamin B. Vitamin B is water soluble, hence it is lost easily while washing & soaking. So, always use that soaking water while preparing your food instead of discarding it.

Here’s The Best Daal recipe we found!


  • It is now clearly understood that Daal Chawal gives us the complete amino acid profile, which makes it a protein rich meal.
  • When you have Daal Chawal in the night for your dinner:
  • It will improve your memory, Keep you mentally calm as rice is rich in carbs. Carbs keep mind calm.
  • Eating it with some ghee will provide you with short-chain fatty acid (good fat) and helps in assimilating Vitamin D.
  • The critical importance of daal chawal has always been understood by our ancestors &  that is why Khichdi (made from Daal-Chawal) is served when one suffers from fever, is a light meal, it provides all the essential nutrients required by the body.

So keep calm & have daal chawal which will keep you more calm !

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“Nothing Can me more savoring than ‘Ghar ka bana Daal Chawal’ after a long tiring day!”