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How Intermittent Fasting is Helping me During Lockdown


With no maids coming and working from home, work load has stressed us equally. Staying in pyjama all day and time to cook our favorite meal, there is always a room for excuse to have full calorie diet and also skip work out. So, I tried Intermittent Fasting and the results are amazing!

How focused are we about body? We surely dont want to come out of lock down with a big fat tummy, bulging arms and awfully thick thighs.

Does it make you wonder on your eating habits?

Are you eating excessively?

Are you gaining weight?

Take some time to reflect how lockdown has made you dull or fat or lazy?

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Are you Working Out?

A man doing sit ups in living room

Any diet or fat killing blog cannot be complete without a section of workout. So, before we move to my IF schedule, lets see your lock down excuse of not working out?

If you haven’t hacked the discipline to work out during lock down phase-3, then you must omit the word “excuse” from your dictionary. This is the only way to start the goddamn work out!

Otherwise, you will keep coming up with a new excuse every time. Period.

Take a step today. If you have been thinking to start something for yourself then the time is NOW. Start by doing a small exercise, do a 2-minute stretching.

Next day do a 10-minutes running.

Slowly, increase to 30 minutes.

If workout bores you, then find your interest.

Explore zumba, dance, aerobics, yoga, callanetics or anything else.

You can make a group with your friends who can workout together or talk about their workout schedule today. It is rightly said that your habits and attitude largely depends on the kind of people you are surrounded with.

Focus on your food habits. Your entire body functioning depends on them

Find what suits your body. A year ago I developed a habit of eating every 2 hours, as it helps in better nutrient absorption and doesn’t lead to fat accumulation.

During lock down, I have started Intermittent Fasting for about 13-15 hours everyday. It has reduced my belly fat, stomach upset and also keeps me away from midnight cravings.

Results From my Intermittent Fasting

  1. I have not put on any weight…My inches loss are drastic (thanks to my workout facebook group)
  2. I don’t have to sneak my fridge during midnight, because I’m on intermittent fasting
  3. I can eat anything without any guilt as intermittent fasting resists insulin release, thus burning fat quickly
  4. IF doesn’t make me cranky or moody. Starting a new diet regime could take a toll on my mood swings
  5. I eat thrice a day (2 big meals and 1 snack, which I have mentioned below)

In a short time, I can vouch for IF as it helps in developing healthy eating habits

5 tips for healthy snacking During intermittent fasting:

  1. Have a cup of green tea once a day: Green tea is non-calorific and you can drink it during your fast, but do not add honey, sugar or jaggery as it can break your fast.

Why: Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants, which cleans your body toxins; and drinking in the morning helps in weight reduction.

2. Have a handful or more of Roasted Peanuts; two hours after your breakfast.

Why: Roasted peanuts; are good sources of protein and magnesium. Buy a pack and keep it with you always.

3.Curd or Buttermilk after lunch: (avoid topping with sugar/salt; use jeera instead). Have it after 2 hours of lunch as a different meal in your Intermittent fasting plan.

Why:   Dairy products are rich in Calcium and Vitamin B12; and it is necessary to have it in adequate amount so that it counteracts for the losses during menstrual cycle.

Intermittent fasting

4 .A cheese slice in the evening: Who doesn’t loves cheese? It provides energy, low-calorific and a healthy little snack to bit on

Why: It supplies you enough proteins, calcium and Vitamin B12 thus improving your vaginal health.

5. Put an alarm for all your meals: You can use apps which can notify you when it’s your eating window time.

Why :Health is Wealth baby

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