How Good Is Lemon?


A tiny juicy fruit, preferred by many to top over their dishes for its own tangy taste!!

How good is it for us??


Lemon contains limousin which has anti-obesity properties, the juice is usually mixed with hot water for rapid weight loss  & believe me it works!!

It contains phytonutrients which have antioxidants & antibiotic properties. The antioxidant property of this tiny but wonderful fruit gives you a younger skin & delays ageing by scavenging the free radicals present in the body!!

With the onset of summer, lets commit to having a glass of lemon water daily – for better rehydration of the body!!

Lemon juice is citrus due to the presence of vitamin C, that takes away your skin dryness & acne. Topical application does wonder if you have too much acne issues….

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They boost metabolism & lowers the cholesterol in the body…

They are good for clearing all the toxins in your body… It removes all the toxins from your GI tract…The toxins accumulated in the body affect the functioning of liver & kidney… Detoxify your body by adding some lemon juice & cucumber juice to water, mint leaves can also be added…

Smelling the lemon takes away nausea feeling!!