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Diwali Season: Secret tips for cheating Diet


Almost all of us suffer from a major problem being either – Overweight or Underweight…Like me, I’m sure there are many who wants a sweet or a dessert after a meal or at least once a day and just cannot go without it…It’s important to have an awareness about our food and check ourselves if we are in a healthy diet. We follow our own dieting ways without much understanding of our digestive tract.

Maintaining weight and looking good is on the top bucket list every year and with festivals around the corner, we just cannot ignore the sweets and other mouth-watering snack yummy items. Many times, we cannot stop eating even when our stomachs are full and there’s go the saying “Pet bhar gaya lekin Mann nahi Bhara“, is because our brain takes a little extra time to make us realize that we have eaten more than needed. This needs practice as our relationship with the stomach needs nurturing and attention. Practice eating not more than 350gms of food at once.

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9 Tips for a healthy diet

  • Did you know that eating a pastry/piece of cake/sweet dishes doesn’t add to your fat when eaten in morning on an empty stomach? 

Wanna know how and it has come as a suprise to you?? Hold on!! We will explain this later in the post….

  • Have u ever tried eating a salt less food? Well, it must be adopted monthly once… Try eating salt less food before a big fat wedding or a late-night party, and you will not complain of any of the following :

(a) stomach upset, (b)too tired as a result of overeating (c) being very lazy the next morning (d)finding it tough to leave the bed even after a long sleep.

  • How many of us are tempted by the Dominos Pizza Weekly Offer (Ek pe Ekka offer) ?? Haha!! Almost all of us…Find it difficult to resist the temptation of Pizza? We can definitely have it monthly once but you will have to stop after 1 or 2 pieces of pizza.
Healthy Diet tips

 Pizza is a high Glycemic Index food and eaten in small quantity doesn’t add to body fat.

  • Staying stressed/agitated/angry/sad helps you only become fat!! Yes, our mind plays an important role during digestion. The brain signals the digestive system to secrete juices for digestion.

During stress, mind releases a hormone named cortisol which is known to :

(1)prevent fat burning, (2)Convert food to fat and (3)Lowers the metabolism ie poor digestion.

Hence, always remember that a calm mind is essential for fat burning process

  • Avoid eating a dessert immediately after a meal.

Have it separately… Eat High Glycemic Index foods in small loads, it will not get converted to fat.

Healthy Diet
  • Avoid eating baasi sabzi and daal.

They are ripped off nutrients and hence provides poor nourishment.

  • Fond of Chalkis and Chips?? Make them fresh at home and have them.

This way it will be nutritionally rich.Also, during the preparation we use good oil at home and season them according to our tastes.

  • Eat biscuit, gazar ka halwa, packed juiced post workout.

They must be eaten after body work out for better results when our blood sugar levels are low, as these foods will maintain the sugar level in the bloodstream and do not get converted to fat .!!!

  • Conscious when Diwali is here next week and you surely know you will gain weight and cannot keep away from sweets particularly gulab jamun and other fried items?? Don’t worry we have a trick for your healthy diet as well.
Healthy Diet

Give your body confidence that you will be indulging in extra sweets and fried food this Diwali and your body and mind will start preparing for a higher and better metabolism. Instead of telling your family and friends that you are going to refrain from extra calories this festival and then indulging in the end moment may accelerate the release of stress hormone.

Tell them you are going to eat more sweets than ever and sill maintain a healthy diet.

Share this article with your friends and family and tell them to stop worrying about a healthy diet during the festival season.

You can thank us later