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Chug Some Water


One amongst every 3 people in India is struggling with obesity & health issues. Thanks to the modern era & plenty of junk food items to offer we are moving from a healthy diet to a completely unhealthy diet. Detox is the best way to start a healthy lifestyle. Food is supposed to provide a wholesome supply of rich nutrients-proteins, good carbs like fibre, essential fatty acids & the most important- Vitamins & Minerals, but we have altogether changed the definition of food-which is now awesome mouth-watering look with some delicious taste. Result: Overweight & Poor health!

Detoxing as & when possible to flush out the saturated fats, refined carbs, caffeine & excess alcohol. The plant-based juices help in complete detoxification of the body, making you feel healthier, lighter, purifying blood & clearing the acne.

Isn’t that sufficient to motivate you to schedule your detox?

I planned my schedule with the N-cold press.


The N-cold juices are cold-pressed & made exclusively from organic fruits; if you have it earlier using non-organic juices, then there are chances that the detox was not successful as non-organic foodstuff have pesticide/herbicide residues on them, which our body is already trying to eliminate when we go on a detox!

They come with 6 bottles of 200ml plant based juices, which you need to consume every 2.5 hours.They have enough nutrients to fill your daily requirement of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins & minerals so it is unlikely that you will feel hungry.

I enjoyed the entire day of my detox, relishing & enjoying every sip of the juices. Yes, they taste yum! Kudos to the developer team

Keep these bottles refrigerated as they taste better & fresh when you have them on the timings written on each bottle.

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  • Makes you feel lighter- The next day in the morning when you get up, your stomach will feel lighter & your skin will glow.
  • Rests the Liver- Liver is the main organ for detoxification. The entire process will give rest the liver & also, time & energy to the body to flush out toxins from the body. Too much of gluten foods, non-organic fruits & vegetables, junk items, caffeine are loaded in the fat cells which need to be broken down & eliminated. These juices exactly do that! It gives the body time & energy to eliminate toxin.
  • Boosts Immunity-The phytonutrients & enzymes present in the cold pressed juices boosts your immunity, also giving you a good supply of vitamins & minerals.
  • Rehydration-6 bottles of 200ml each will give you enough fluid & water to keep the body rehydrated. Drink at least 2.5-3 litres of water that will help in eliminating toxin faster!
  • Antioxidants charges the body-These juices are designed in a way to give you ample supply of antioxidants which will scavenge any free radicals present in the body i.e giving you clear skin, reduces ageing & it will also improve your eyesight, chronic pains of headaches, acidity, bloating problems.
  • Lose weight-Last but not the least, it will help you indefinitely losing some pounds. Unwanted toxins are released from your body & ample supply of liquid will definitely shed your inches.

If you have made up your mind of scheduling  your detox, go ahead & connect to me on my social media. We will plan a detox day for you!


  1. You may use washroom a couple of times extra & the urine becomes colorless as the day progresses.
  2. You may pass out stool for 1-2 times.
  3. You feel lighter next morning.
  4. Your rings won’t stick to your finger, they can freely move.
  5. You will note inches & weight loss.

It has detoxified me & I recommend one must do it 1-day per month & those who are obese must schedule a 3-days detox every month.