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Crash Diet: Don’t Go Bonkers


Many girls starve themselves to lose weight, without realizing the harmful effects it may have on their own body. For permanent changes in the body, do not go a ‘Crash diet’. The crash diet restricts calorie intake & is extreme in its nutritional deprivations, which implies a lack of concern for proper nutrition.

A lot of people eat as little as they can, for the namesake to reduce weight. Who are you trying to cheat girls? It is your body, which requires unconditional love for your own self. It is tough in the beginning but very gorgeous at the end, never forget that

“Weight is just a number, how you feel about your body is important. What is the point if you weigh 45 kgs and feel lethargic ??”

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What are The Alternates for Crash Diet?

Work out; don’t like exercising, okay! Focus on your food habits and your lifestyle. Modify the lifestyle, make it a healthy one and commit yourself to a better well being.  Food is just not carbohydrates, proteins and fats, there is more to it!!

“80% of the body weight depends on the food habits we inculcate.”

You must re-learn the food habits

  • Eat regularly every 2-3 hours, yes, you must eat to lose weight.

Crash dietWondering what to have 2-3 hours? Nature has a lot to offer us !!

The digestive system is the most active during morning hours; 7am-10am. Never skip your breakfast!

The digestive system is the least active during evening hours; have your dinner not later than 8pm. So, do not pump in food and snacks in the night. Have it in the day time instead.

Eat within your threshold, i.e eat how much your body can digest– the best way to do is to be attentive while you eat.

Fruits must be eaten whole, instead of cutting it or juicing it. Cutting fruits into pieces, increases the surface area of the fruit, hence, increased losses of nutrient. The antioxidants present in the fruit must be oxidised inside the human body and not outside- in the juicer !

Crash diet                               Have fruits within 10 mins after you wake up!

All low-fat and sugar free foods when eaten in excess, can harm the body.

Every body is different and copying others Crash diet plan/regime is a no-no.

Stress can make you fat ! Nobody has ever figured about what is life all about, so keep the stress levels in control. Stress releases hormone;cortisol, which lowers the metabolic rate, thus preventing fat burning and converts food to fat. When you are stressed, the body doesn’t secrete any digestive juices so nothing gets digested and absorbed. So, while eating, keep all your senses focused on only one thing: FOOD

Regularly eat foods that are local; Idli in Hyderabad, Chole in Delhi & Pizza in Italy. It is better to digest & assimilate owing to its agricultural regions.

Don’t count calories, count the nutrients !

Crash Diet