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Chalks, Mud, Toilet Paper: Bizarre Cravings


Of late, I have been working with a few clients with diet charts and found that they have cravings for abnormal stuff like Chalks, Mud, Sand, and Toilet Paper! I really do appreciate their audacity to share their craving problems and here I am going to spend some time with you all why does it happen and how to overcome it….

The state of eating bizzare non-food stuff when you are not pregnant is called PICA. Eating such abnormal items fills up the nutrient gaps!



 If you have these cravings and are often bewildered, then please understand that the body is deficient in minerals! Vitamins and minerals are the micro nutrients, which is usually not considered while taking food while Carbs, Proteins and Fats are macro nutrients that are primarily focused on… These micro nutrients can mess up the normal body routine if not taken in sufficient amount.

When a nutrient is missed, our body craves for it, whilst some may have cravings for junk/chocolates. Cravings are bad, be it food stuff or non-food stuff! Please build a habit of listening to your body needs and work accordingly, eat right.

Many pregnant woman craves for mud/chalks. The common problem is Iron Deficiency. Nobody wants to have Green Leafy Vegetables, no wonder we all know its surplus benefits.

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Chalk —> Associated with Iron, Zinc, Calcium deficiencies. Commonly seen in women!

Sand/Mud —> Associated with Iron Deficiency.

Toilet Paper —> Calcium and Carbs Deficiency.

Some Iron-Rich Foods


Pomegranate, fresh fruits and vegetables and of course not to forget GLF’s (Green Leafy Veggies)

Did know? Vit C and Vit B12 are needed for Iron absorption?

Vitamin C rich foods : Citrus fruits like orange and amla.

Vitamin B12 rich foods : Meat, fish, dairy products.

Some Calcium-Rich Foods

Dairy Products, Nuts, Tofu and Green Leafy Vegetables.


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