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Burn your Calories & Not Desires…


The tagline of my website: Burn your calories & not desires, is exactly what this generation needs to focus on. With so much of stress in today’s competitive world, looks & personality are two unavoidable aspects to get through the race. The saying goes, “looks doesn’t matter, attitude does” is true & I agree to disagree to it. Good health gives you good looks, a fit body & healthy lifestyle- which is utmost important today. You could have a good job, a 6 digit income but if you do not feel good, do not have a healthy lifestyle, you are sooner or later gonna be left behind in the race.


We are always looking for shortcuts to achieve a good physique, instead of taking the right path. We happily want to go on a crash diet, avoid eating carbs, but do want to work out to keep our body active & steady. All the nutrients are required by the body to keep it functional.

Carbohydrates provide 4kcal/gm.

Proteins provide 4kcal/gm

Fats provide 9kcal/gm


It is important to take enough calories to run the body & also necessary to burn the extra calories by working out & not by killing the desires to eat foods like pizza, cakes & other calorific dense foods. I do not recommend eating them regularly. Cheating on such foods weekly once, chalta hai!

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Burning Calories…



Doing a 150-minute workout per week should be included in your schedule. If you are looking for a weight loss program, then working out for 180 hours or more is recommended.

Include any physical activity to burn your calories: Cycling, Swimming, Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Hitting a Gym, Jogging…The list is absolutely endless…

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Avoid indulging daily in calorific foods & start indulging in foods that are seasonal & local-they bring out the best of you. You are what you eat, you see!

Being physically active throughout the day, keep yourself active. Walk for 3-5minutes after every 1.5-2 hours of sitting. Keep moving around throughout the day- use stairs instead of lift, park your car a little far away so that you can walk for a little longer distance, fill your own water bottle, stop taking help from others for little things…

“The more you are physically active & maintain a healthy lifestyle, the more you can relish on your favourite foods without any guilt.”