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BuckWheat / Kuttu : The energy source behind a fast


BuckWheat flour/Kuttu ka Atta is gaining popularity in the West and here in India, we are still consuming it during fast. This post will explore the nutritional content of Buck Wheat. I am sure it is going to surprise you !!

Let us have a look on the profile of the BuckWheat

Kuttu Ke Pakode

The Protein content of Buckwheat (8.5 to 19.5gms) is similar to that of an egg

  • Albumin (180mg/gm)
  • Globulin (430mg/gm)
  • Prolamine (8mg/gm)
  • Glutenin (230mg/gm)
  • Good Source of methionine, lysine, histidine, tryptophan.

It is the richest source of protein amongst all the cereals and is gluten-free

Starch Content

  1. The starch content of buckwheat is easily digestible.
  2. The starch content of the buckwheat serves as a prebiotic food. The prebiotic foods are known to improve the growth of digestive bacteria.
  3. They are good sources of dietary fibre.

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Fat Content

  1. They contain small amount of saturated fatty acids – Saturated fatty acids can raise your cholesterol levels, hence containing small amount of it is an added advantage.
  2. It reduces Low Density Cholesterol / Bad cholesterol and slightly increases High Density Cholesterol/ Good cholesterol in your body.

Vitamins and Minerals:

  1. They contain Vitamin B complex; Thiamine, Riboflavin, Vitamin E, Niacin and Vitamin -6
  2. Rich sources of Iron and Magnesium – comparatively higher than wheat.. Treat your Anaemia with it
  3. Rich sources of Zinc, copper, manganese – comparatively higher than rice. Zinc and copper are essential minerals required by woman who is nearing the menopause phase.

Other Advantages:

  1. Used to alleviate hypertension, diabetes mellitus (type-II diabetes), and hypercholestrimia and gall stones.
  2. It can reduce blood sugar and reduce insulin resistance.
  3. It reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease.
Worried About its availability and Preparation? Fikar-not; Read on….

So, its time to include the Kuttu in your routine diet, instead of just having it on Shivratri & Janamasthmi

kuttu - Buckwheat flour

A lot of people in India have not heard the name of BuckWheat flour; so we have got a reciepe of  Kuttu Pakoda exclusively by Zayka Reciepes:

Find out the availability of kuttu ka aata at your nearest Kirana Shop and start consuming it regularly and see how your nutrient contents are met!