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Bad Mood Blame your Mom/Dad or Others


What is Bad Mood?

Being Confused, frustrated, irritated, and without a reason..!! And you feel attacked by these:

  1. Unable to get up from bed ever after a good night sleep
  2. Craving for some chocolates, pastries
  3. Reactive/Over reactive mood.

And, then the moment mom asks, “Kya hua”, you blame her, yell at her for the entire bad mood? It’s time for you to wake up & realize it is not your mom but your body is craving for vitamins and minerals.

bad mood

Why Me?

Do u feel stuck and question why me? Mere sath hi kyun?

Wait wait wait… It happens with everyone, ask your classmate/friend/colleague.

Because…dear, you are not listening to your body needs. When there’s a deficiency, your brain doesn’t function in full mode. And hence, you get cranky.

  • During puberty, a lot of hormonal changes take place in the body, hence there’s anger, frustration creeping in. It’s a phase of life. Be calm and meet your nutritional requirements.
  • Too many pyjama parties/sleepovers is definitely going to take a toll on your thighs, fattening them and upsetting your mind for a night of bad sleep.
  • Too much of stress and negativity in mind. Take a chill pill. Sabke sath kuch na kuch hota hai.
  • Young ladies; crash diet gives you a zero figure and all bad mood swings, be careful babes!
  • Binge eating : Pet bhar gaya, but mann nahi bhara     
  • Living away from home depletes you from nutrition. Extra Care Alarm!!
  • Prolonged hours of starvation. Occupied with too much work, fight with someone and you skipped a meal. It’s a big NOO!!

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bad mood

10 ways to combat a Bad Mood:

  1. Listen to your mom. She has been through your age and definitely knows better than you about food
  2. Get rid of food fear that it will make you fat.
  3. Eat a banana in the morning after 10mins of waking up. It flattens your bad mood.
  4. All your frustration and anger energy needs to be directed towards sports/exercise which will help in the regulation of mental and physical conditions.
  5. Whenever your mom serves you green leafy vegetables/fruits, don’t say a NO as they are loaded with a good amount of Iron, which keeps your haemoglobin content high hence you feel energetic and lively throughout the day.
  6. Eating small quantities of food every 2-3hours.
  7. Fruits, dry fruits, milk, curd, yoghurt must be a part of a routine diet for Vitamins, minerals and proteins, which must essentially be a part of our daily diet.
  8. If away from home, extra attention towards fruits, dry fruits & milk products, please!
  9. Change your food habits and see your body nourishing well.
  10. Eat the right kind of food in the right amount at the right time.

“When you are in a bad mood you don’t listen!”

Parents don’t be pushy

  • Do not force children to lose weight unnecessarily, help them choose one hobby to be active and fit.
  • Educate them on good food habits instead of instilling food fear which will make them fat or look ugly and in today’s world being fat is a rejection. No, it is not! Always remember that if food made you fat/ugly, there wouldn’t be so many varieties of food in the world. Food habits make you obese or healthy.

Accept yourself, the way you are. Everybody has their own system and way of metabolism. To look good, one must feel good. Feeling good comes when body is working properly and mind is calm which comes from eating the right food in the right quantity and at the right time

So, whenever you are cranky and frustrated and don’t understand what is wrong, eat something, it’s the way your brain reacts when it is deprived of energy.

Disclamer : Next time, you are bogged down, remember it is not your mom!