Bad-ass Beard styles & Beard Care Tips that you Need


Today who is not obsessed with the beard growth on his face? A lot of conversations often revolve around beard care and styles. A beard has become a great style statement and a well-groomed beard is a great head-turner and earns an instant admiration wherever a bearded-god go!

To let you know, your style or beard care is not an easy process. But nothing can be farther from the truth your beard also needs proper care to keep it good looking and growing well.

Knowing the different Beard styles are your personal preference and how you want to keep a beard is up to you. But some beard styles suit certain types of faces only.

Let us Look at Some of the Most Popular Beard Styles


This is one of the more popular styles and is characterized by hair on the chin along with a moustache that resembles hair on the face of a goat and hence the name goatee.

Square style

This beard is shorter on the sides and is more fuller on the chin. It enhances your square jawline.

Circle Beard

A patch of hair on the chin with a moustache that together forms a circle.

Know about Some more beard styles

Beard Styling Doesn’t Happen by Chance but by Beard Care

To maintain your beard’s clean, lustrous, and thick you need to follow certain grooming procedures using market’s best beard care products that will help maintain your beard.

8 Golden beard care tips will help you maintain a masculine and well-trimmed look.

beard care tips- beard oil

Keep your beard clean using a good Beard Wash

A beard wash is tailor-made for your beard and moustache and contains some great ingredients that clean the beard.

  • A beard like any part of the body attracts its share of dust and grime throughout the day and if not properly cleaned can be itchy. What the beard needs is a beard wash which will repair its damaged skin cells while retaining the moisture.

“With great beard comes great responsibility”

  • The beard wash will maintain the softness and silky look of the beard while cleaning it thoroughly Using Beard oil to promote good beard growth: Beard oil should be massaged into your beard and left for a few hours before being washed off.

The beard oil for full thick beard

This will keep the beard hydrated and will provide the necessary nutrition needed for the thick lustrous growth of the beard.

For those men with patchy beards, a good beard oil form Whiskers can get back the needed beard growth

  • It will trigger new growth of hair and help to grow a fuller thicker beard. The beard oil will give protection from the harsh climatic conditions like heat, dryness, and humidity.
  • Keep your beard from getting tangled by brushing it everyday with a beard brush. keep your beard as healthy as possible.
  • A good beard oil contains special oils like apricot oil that nourishes the skin under the beard and prevents it from getting dry and itchy. It also contains Argan oil which protects against acne and also keeps beard shiny and soft.
  • Wheat germ oil cleans the skin underneath along with the hair. For optimum results, the beard care oil and wash can be applied every night before retiring to bed and in the morning also.

Once you regularly follow these beard care routines you will notice soon that your beard has much become more fuller, shinier and thicker than before and it will become much easier to maintain your cool beard style.