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9 Step Guide from Shiv Khera on Dealing with the On-going Crisis

Shiv Khera, the man who is known for his famous trademark quote “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently” conducted a webinar on “how to comeback after a setback” with Table Round India and Taxila Business School.

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Powerful Quotes from the Shiv Khera’s Webinar which I Hope will Help you

  1. If you prepare them, you don’t have to repair them- just like the children are prepared in schools and colleges for adulthood and professionalism, otherwise, they have to be repaired.
  2. Stress cannot be avoided or denied. If we deny stress, it only comes back stronger- if someone says he’s not stressed about anything, in reality is the one who is always stressed out
  3. Stress make us think out of the box and come up with something which we couldn’t come at all- many innovations in the world happened under stressful conditions when there was no solution to the problem. People came out with solutions for their stress
  4. Let us not overrate the crisis and threat. Let us also not underrate our foundation and strength- world has faced worse crisis earlier and it also evolved with better solutions
  5. Who we meet, what we do, where we go; is going to be a matter of life and death today. With Covid-19 pandemic, our movements can become a cause of death
  6. Every person must have 6 months of his income as an emergency funds which can be accessed within 24 hours – accidents and emergencies don’t inform before coming at you
  7. Every person must have 6 months of his income saved as financial funds which can be accessed within 2-3 weeks
  8. Every person must build active and passive income- you goto work, you get money but when what about those days when you don’t go to work? Start creating passive income
  9. Before the crisis, everyone was running but we need to check in what direction are we running. So, direction is more important than speed. Henry Ford said running fast in a wrong direction can take you further away from life.
  10. People need to priorities between emergency and important- health is important but becomes an emergency when you land in hospital.
  11. People realize money in bank is more important than 35 shirts in the closet today

Every Organization has 4 types of Employees

Shiv Khera once spoke to a banker and asked about their operations during the pandemic. The banker said that they are running with 70% efficiency with 30% staff. Shiva Khera then talks about different types of people that exists in an organisation as follows:

  1. Superstars– They are the ones who are proactive and you can trust them. You tell them and the work is done. You don’t have to go back and check the work. They are super visionary and are assets to a company
  2. Doers– You tell them and the work is done. You don’t tell them and the work is not done. When they work, you will have to check their work. Companies do require such doers.
  3. Talkers– They are always talking and don’t want to work. Although they work enough to get by it which means you don’t have a reason to fire them. They are not motivated to do the work
  4. Troublemaker– They are everywhere!

So, the banker said we need to get rid of the talkers and the troublemakers. Every company can manage thier operations with the superstars and the doers.

In any company, 80% of people require supervision even after giving the quantifiable measurable parameters, they require supervision while 20% are motivated and responsible.

Measuring productivity of the employee – either at office or work from home is important to asses them, unless you link their compensation against performance. If you pay them according to their performance, the situation can be better – Narayan Murthy.

World has seen Crisis Before too

In 1918-19, Spanish flu killed more than 50 million people and the world saw the Great Depression in 1920. During this time, $1000 worth fell to $150. People who came up with positive ideas, solution focused and started an enterprise called the positive entrepreneurs or survivalist entreprenuers

During covid-19 pandemic, don’t drop your guards until there’s a vaccination done

There are always 2 kinds of people in the world

Problem focused- They have problem for every solution.

Henry Ford rightly said, kick them out!!!

Solution focused- We need them, they always come up with solutions that can save the company and the world

During the Great Depression, some positive entrepreneurs came up with idea and today their companies are worth billion dollars in US

  1. Publix Supermarket- George W Jenkins started non-perishable and durable products outlet in an abundant area. His net worth is 6B dollars
  2. Galo Winery– Two brothers in California started crushing grapes to make wine and sold at less than 50% of the market value. Their net worth today is 10M dollars
  3. The Potato King– He started collecting potatoes and what we couldn’t sell he ate but he couldn’t consume, started rotting. He bought a small fridge and froze them as French fries. His net worth is 10-12M dollars

Get the spirit right from the above three examples. They faced worst crisis and had common sense to solve a problem. Common sense is more important than education and everything today is available on Google for free to learn.

If degrees were not important for getting a job, probably the university admission will go down

Seeing the Good in the Bad

Washing Hands, Wash Your Hands, Hygiene, Net, Soap

During the earlier days, parents taught children to wash hands before and after they do anything – going out, eating food etc. Today, the basic hygiene isn’t neither been taught nor practiced profoundly. Shiv Khera invites everyone to think, “who invited the virus”

While talking to a doctor, Shiv Khera learnt that occupancy in hospitals have gone down by 70% because:

  • No factories and cars are running, hence complains of respiratory problems have come down
  • Because cars are not running, there are no car accidents
  • Everyone is cautious about hygiene so infection cases are less

However, amidst all the good things, WHO reports that there’s a rise in domestic violence by 50% . People who are emotionally weak are falling apart while the stronger ones are coming out stronger

Shiv Khera’s 9 Step Guide on How to Cope with the Crisis

Step 1- Recite the Serenity Prayer

Since years, Shiv Khera recites a serenity prayer given by Dr Norman during a workshop which Shiv Khera attended years ago.

Dr Norman said problems are a part of life, the day you have shortcoming of problems is the day you should kneel down before the God. We cannot solve the problem but we all can handle them

Here’s the prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can change and wisdom to know the difference which I can change and cannot change.

Life is full of choices – if you lit a cigarette, you invite cancer, if you have a healthy diet, you invite good health and if you practice unhygienic conditions, you invited the virus. We are all free until we make a choice but after we make the choice, the choice chooses the chosen

This also explains why some people succeed while some fail

  • Series of positive choices makes one successful. It’s not that people who are successful don’t make mistakes but they don’t repeat them
  • Repeating the same mistake makes a person failure
  • To become successful, one must do positive things again and again and not just once in a while.

Step 2: Limit your exposure to news everyday for 30 mins

Watch news for 15mins a day in the morning and evening

News is negative and takes a toll on your mind and causes stress

With news spreading fast, always make sure to get your information from the reliable sources only

Step 3: Turn Waste Time to Learning Time

Learning will result in earning.

If you are going to watch TV all the day along, you are wasting time. Convert this time to productive time.

Start reading books. Many successful entrepreneurs read 50 books a year = 1 book a week

They only read self help books and not fictions. They believe one good idea can be worth a million dollars.

To find out about such books, follow book club of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

Shiv Khera never allows anyone to lend him books. He says: buy me a book, gift me a book but never lend me a book. When he reads a book, he underlines, he write notes in the book.

He also remarkably said “reading the book once isn’t enough and when you read it for the second time, you will not find anything new in the book but something new in yourself”

Lock down is a lifetime opportunity to up skill ourselves, become knowledgeable and healthier. If one is not able to achieve anything of these, it simply means he doesn’t lacks time but discipline and commitment in life.

You maybe interested in reading: Abs are made in the Kitchen, not in the Gym

Step 4- Build Strong Relationship

A person who has a strong relationship can achieve with a single phone call that you cannot achieve with a million dollars

People who are emotionally stronger come out more stronger and those who are weak are falling apart

It’s the time to build relationships beyond family i.e. socially and professionally

Reconnect with all the good people with whom you have lost touch. Always remember you are here to give. So call people with whom you did business in the last 5 years.

Start reconnecting with all those clients who haven’t done business with you in last one year.

However don’t ask them for business, instead ask “where did I go wrong”. Ask them about their well-being, talk to them about the problems they are facing and figure out if you can help them right now.

Only boring people are bored in life. Loneliness is a pain of being alone and solitude is measure of being alone. Start enjoying your own company that means you are in a bad company.

Step 5: Overcoming the Pressure

One of the world’s famous psychologist, Dr Karl menninger treats depression by prescribing the patient to lock yourself out and go to the other side of the town and find someone who is trouble. Offer them help and you will no longer be depressed. People who are busy helping others, they don’t have time to get depressed and hence are always positive.

Like the Rotarians and Lions club, get busy helping, find someone and help them. Start a blood donation camp, help the needy, distribute food to the hungry.

Step 6: Become a Proactive Person

A person doesn’t become good because he doesn’t do anything bad. Absence of ill health doesn’t mean you have a good health. A person becomes good when he does good things.

Learn to do positive things in life.

Leaders always stand for something and when you stand for something, you are always on one side. Those who call themselves neutral are the trouble-makers.

Another habit to cultivate to become a proactive person is to answer a question with a question. It leads to meaningful conversations.

Step 7: Build a Self-Esteem

People with high self-esteem can cope up better with crisis as it is the only way to build good relationships as we feel good about ourselves.

Self esteem doesn’t mean ego, it is not arrogance, neither it is take it or leave it attitude.

Self esteem is self acceptance. I accept my self with all the positive and negatives. I make mistakes, and I am not perfect. But, I am willing to learn and improve and also willing to not to repeat the same mistake. This explains why self esteem is an epitome of humility.

Step 8: Don’t believe in Blind Faith

Blind faith always leads to superstiions.

Superstitions weakens people.

Stay away from the astrologers by all means.

Step 9: This is the time to GIVE BACK

During the pandemic, the worse hit is the poor and the daily wagers. Help them

Be always:

  • Caring
  • Sharing
  • Daring

Open up your wealth sources to the poor

Always remember money in good hands will do good things but in evil hands will do evil things.

Some people always have an inferiority complex and keep piling up. They always think that their net worth is their self worth and such people are referred as donkey. They are always minting money to keep away from the inferiority complex

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet rightly said, just because a donkey got a billion dollar, doesn’t change his picture, he is still a donkey.

Some people are always ready to help others who think that the more money I make, the more people I can help. Bill Gates gave away 32 M dollars for charity to help under privileged while Warren Buffer gave away 37 M out of his 38 M

Some people say that money is not important in life and only stupids and millionaires say this.

It is the moral obligation of every human to become millionaire and billionaire because money in good hands will always do good things.

So, during this lockdown, if you have not up skilled or knowledgeable or fitter, then you lack commitment. And if you don’t prepare then you have to repair it.

You can watch the webinar here: