Top 5 Healthy Foods That Will Boost Your Child’s Immunity

Are you an anxious mother who is always worried about their kids’ diet? Are you always confused about picking up healthy foods that are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants? Meticulously deciding the menu for boosting immunity of children is a tedious job and with many food options on the shelf space today in retail market, we have handpicked some super foods that will improve the health of your children, boost the immunity, keep kids energetic & healthy throughout.

It is certain that the foods we consume directly affect our health. Hence, while picking up from shelf always go through the ingredient list, the nutrition label thoroughly which will ease out the decision process while making a purchase.

  1. Prebiotic Foods:

Prebiotic foods are those foods that have beneficial bacteria inoculated in them which improves the health of the gut bacteria, hence improving immunity & overall health of the body.

These foods are particularly beneficial when the child is suffering from any gut related issues like acidity, constipation, diarrhoea, stomach sickness.

Some prebiotic foods are Yogurt Kefir, Fermented Pickles, Miso, Tempeh.


  1. Iron Rich Foods:

Iron is the central element in Hemoglobin, which is very important for growing child & also adults. Anaemia is the common deficiency disease occurring in teenager women & pregnant ladies.

Iron is abundantly found in Spinach, Pomegranate, Soyabeans, legumes, shell fish.

*Consuming Vitamin C along with Iron rich foods is known to increase the absorption of Iron in the body*

  1. Vitamin C

The citric Vitamin is always the best thing to have when the child is suffering from cough & cold. It is an antioxidant which is always helpful when there is an inflammation or infection in the body. It boosts the immunity of the body & also heals the wound very quickly. So, always give your child adequate amount of Vitamin C to your kids.

This micronutrient is widely found in fruits, berries, vegetables.

*Lymcee is the common Vitamin C supplement available but it is advised not to give to the children unless prescribed by the doctor*


  1. Whole Grains:

The new trend of giving lot of whole wheat grains is the best thing to adopt for children. Wheat is the staple food of India. Now, we have multi grain available in form of flour, bread, bun, burgers, pizzas. Why not indulge on them rather than stand-alone maida and wheat foodstuffs.

Give them jowar, bajra, ragi regularly.


  1. Veggies:

We have got variety of vegetables in market, in different colours and forms. Consuming all the varieties of veggies will provide all the nutrients required for a growing human body.

Add beetroots, carrots, bell pepper, capsicums of all colours, tomatoes, broccoli, brinjals, cabbage, spinach, fenugreek and many more.

With kids around me every time, I understand the tantrums that they throw while having their food. It takes effort to make them eat health foods as they always want to have chocolates, candies, desserts, which fears me that this would not only harm their health but also give them a sweet tooth. Carbs are what we, adults, are trying to avoid and making these children addicted to sweet stuffs, it would be a struggle for them to fight hard against the common lifestyle disorder.

Children never realize their own hunger, thus it is important to give them a few bites of healthy foods every 1.5-2.5 hours. Giving 1-2 glasses of milk shake (milk + horlicks/boost) is one of the most important meal of the day for these active and naughty children.

So, try to figure out what they really like among the healthy foods stuff, it can be, raisins, cashews, cucumbers, peanuts and make sure that you accompany the top 5 listed healthy foods along with their favorite item. This is how it worked for me!



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Lets celebrate woman’s health this year!

Happy Women’s Day to all the ladies out there! ūüôā

Humans came into existence many many years ago and woman has always been the backbone of every family, giving birth and raising children. Yet, her health has always been ignored. She has always forgotten her health, sorrows, sacrificing a lot for the betterment of her family. Time and now, every girl has been taught to do so. But, with changing environment, increasing pollution, and so much of stress in work place and personal life, woman’s health cannot be neglected. As a woman, one must become serious about her health, her well being, and overall herself.

According to Hindu Mythology, woman is negative & a man is positive. Being negative, she is more emotional than a man. Her physiological conditions affect her mental and physical well being throughout her life which is missing in men:

  1. Menstrual cycle
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Menopause

These physiological conditions apart from being painful brings along with:

1.Premenstrual Syndrome: Uncontrollable irritation & anger, stomach pain/back aches.

2. Pregnancy: Anemia, Affects mental health, with major changes happening in body shape & health. Lactation & post pregnancy causes Postpartum depression.

3. Menopause: With old age and menopause comes arthritis, uncontrollable irritation, thyroid.

These conditions have been neglected since generations. Woman ignore their diet which makes her more sick! A nutritious and balanced diet will keep mind stable, alleviating mood swings, PMS syndrome, cures anemia. Although she takes very good care of her husband, her parents, and children, she herself forgets to assimilate the same.

Ignorance is evil cause of diseases.

A lot of women complain about the same issues:

  1. Morning sickness; cranky moods.
  2. Migraines or other type of headaches.
  3. Anemia
  4. Hyperthyroid
  5. Arthritis

Yet, the best and good way to solve them is to follow a healthy diet, when body assimilates the right nutrients. Even a small dose of deficiency can mess up our bodily functions!

My top 10 unbeatable advice for all the women:

This woman’s day, lets talk about top 10 solutions, focus on health and improve our wellbeing.

  1. Have soaked almonds/any fruit, preferably banana first thing on empty stomach.
  2. Have breakfast within 90 minutes after this short meal mentioned in point no.1
  3. Drink 2 glasses of milk to get the dose of Calcium & Vitamin D right.
  4. Have a glass of buttermilk/a bowl of curd (tossed with jeera powder)/yogurt post lunch daily. Dairy products are rich in lactose, vitamins which keeps the body cool, maintains the good health of bacteria in the gut.
  5. Adopt eating daal-chawal in the night, it will improve your memory power, supply your adequate amount of proteins and keep the mind calm.
  6. Keep a gap of 2 hours before going to bed.
  7. Switch off your gadgets 30 minutes before hitting the bed and feel relaxed. This is a good stress buster.
  8. With summer coming, increase the frequency of consuming coconut water and nimbu sherbet.
  9. Do strength training twice a week without fail.
  10. Make sure to work out for 150 hours every week.



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Cheers to Green Tea!

Green tea- Green tea- Green tea…With so much of hype about weight loss and zero figure, there is a lot said about this tea everywhere for rapid weight loss, bundle supply of antioxidants & good acne-free skin! This blog post will definitely make you sip a cup of green tea tonight, after going through its multiple benefits. For me, it is the most healthiest beverage to sip on everyday. With summer coming around, this light oxidized tea will keep you cool through the sunny days, help you with some rapid weight loss & make you smarter, yes you read that right!

Cool yourself this summer with Green Tea:

Green tea is a light oxidized tea; known to be very refreshing. It is usually drank without milk, hence it keeps your stomach light. Squeeze a lemon & add some ice to this magic potion after coming back home from hot sun. Chinese medicine has always listed green tea as one of the body cooling beverages. Lets try out this beverage in the coming summer!

Loaded with Antioxidants

Antioxidants scavenges the free radicals in the body & helps in skin repair. EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), a catechin is abundantly found in green tea which gives green tea many medicinal properties like:

  1.  Protecting against skin damage.
  2. Fight against ageing.
  3. It can possibly reduce the risk of cancer. Chemotherapy patients must take their respective advice from the doctors.

Never add milk to green tea:It reduces the antioxidant content in the tea.

It can make you smarter

Green tea can make you smarter as it improves the functioning of the brain. The stimulant in Green tea is Caffeine. It helps in:

  1. Keeping awake for longer time.
  2. Improves mood & memory power.
  3. Increases the activity of GABA, which is known to reduce anxiety levels in the body.
  4. Since, coffee also contains caffeine, but it has been tested that Green Tea gives you more energy & makes a person more productive than coffee.

  It can reduce the risk of the two of the most happening neuro-degenerative diseases called Alzheimer & Parkinson.

Weight Loss

I have read so much on weight loss & metabolism, and have never come across a single post/book/article which do not mention green tea under the weight loss foods. Green tea increases the rate of metabolism and also the rate of fat oxidation. A study conducted by The Journal Of Clinical Nutrition showed that men who consumed green tea before hitting a gym showed higher fat oxidation than those who didn’t consume any green tea.

How many cups a day?

Over consuming a health magic potion can make it poison! Consuming 2-3 cups a day is very effective.

  1. Never ever have green tea on an empty stomach; it can adversely affect your liver.
  2. Green tea contains caffeine, it can keep you awake for longer time, hence avoid having it immediately before going to bed.
  3. Have it before your exercise. It has been proved that it increases the rate of fat oxidation.
  4. Have it between your meals, in the evening.
  5. Add a dash of cinnamon to the cup of green tea. Cinnamon in green tea improves the rate of absorption of antioxidants in the body.
  6. Pregnant women & Anemics should consume lesser amount of green tea, as it hampers iron absorption. This is because the tea contains Catechins. Restriction to 1 cup a day!
  7. Do have a cup of tea after your supper. It is very very effective than any other time of the day.
  8. Always purchase a higher quality branded green tea.
  9. People suffering from insomnia should avoid green tea before bedtime as it will keep them awake for longer time.
  10. Cancer suffering patients undergoing Chemotherapy should consult their doctor before sipping a cup of this tea!

For me, this post has been very special. Why? My husband started having it ūüôā

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Protein Shakes: To Take or To Not to Take

Protein shakes, a word earlier feared by the regular audience earlier is now gaining immense popularity among the masses to gain muscle or to loose body weight. Hectic lives & poor diet is responsible for weak and obese bodies. Protein shakes provide us with adequate quantity of protein needed for muscle development. They are low in carbs & can be digested & assimilated by the body within 30 minutes, which is why they are really effective.

A low carb, protein rich shakes should be consumed post workout to utilize the nutrients in the shake to the fullest. A protein shake can be a small meal in itself or a meal replacer, depending on the serving size. Some protein shakes taste yum, while some yuck! Modify the taste by adding oatmeal/yogurt/milk whichever suits your taste bud, if you need to! Try & experiment with such flavor enhancers to get the right flavor that suits your taste bud.

My Choice of Protein Shake

With thousands of option available on the shelf, always prefer Whey protein extract over soya/caesin for enhancing your physique. Whey, is a protein found in milk which has a higher Biological Value (BV) i.e. the amount of Nitrogen replaceable by 100 gms of protein. In simpler terms, it is easy to digest & absorb by the body, hence muscle development is quicker & better.

If you are looking for muscle development or bulkiness go for Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder & if you are aiming at weight loss, then nothing better than Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Isolate. 

Always remember to have your protein shake pre workout, if you aim at building your biceps & post workout if you want some weight loss, recommended for women!

What needs to be taken care of?

Taking a protein shake for a few weeks can build your physique but it produces heat in the body, which can cause concerning issues like:

  1. Red heads on the body, particularly on the waist line.
  2. Increase in body hair growth.
  3. Sleepiness and dullness for a few days in the beginning.

The best way to¬†make up¬†for the loss is to drink lots of water and liquids like coconut water, butter milk. Water doesn’t allow the heat to build up which is generated on protein breakdown. Minor issues can be ignored if you take care of yourself.

Protein Shakes & Workouts:

You shouldn’t question when it comes to workout. It is mandatory to workout for 150 minutes every week to keep yourself fit & 180 minutes if you are trying to shed those fat inches. Protein shakes will complement your workout regime, hence giving you quicker results…

Your body is 80% what you eat and 20% what physical activity you do!

Have your protein shake or a protein rich diet even if you are not working out. For every pound you weigh, we need 1gm of protein. Indulging in a protein rich diet is a boon & not bane!

Trust Us & buy them here:

Get this one ladies; if you want some weight loss:

For men aiming at building muscle

Are you one of those who take poor protein diet and rarely workout? We recommend this for you:

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Chia Seeds in Water – A Natural Energy Drink

Chia seeds are the new superfoods & I’m totally in love with the Chia seeds added water, the natural energy drink when I read a story how Aztec warriors could survive for 24 hours on just one spoon of Chia Seeds.¬†Plant-based Chia Seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (commonly & abundantly found in fishes), which is extremely helpful in losing pounds.


I infuse my water with chia seeds & keep drinking it all day along! Raw seeds do not provide nutrients as much as the soaked seeds. Chia seeds can absorb water 10x its weight, hence it will keep us hydrated too!

Seven Wonders Of Chia Seeds:

  1. Excellent source of Fibres:¬†2 tsp of fibre can provide 10gms of fibre which 50% of the¬†Recommended Dietary Allowance. Isn’t it amazing to switch from fibre rich biscuits to chia seeds? Also, a study proves that daily intake of 10gms of fibre reduces the risk of heart diseases & type 2 diabetes.
  2. Boosts Energy: If youget tired very quickly while working out, then start consuming Chia Seeds right away. They boost energy & metabolism similar to a sports drink. The best part of chia seeds serving as an energy booster is less sugar or zero sugar consumption. Chia seeds are rich in leptin which improves your stamina & endurance.
  3. Weight Loss:  Being rich in fibres, chia seeds get you away from unnecessary calorific snacking. Chia seeds are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids & alpha-linoleic fatty acids, which also contribute to weight loss. You may not lose pounds & pounds of weight but definitely, it reduces the visceral adipose tissue that causes the belly fat to increase.
  4. Build Muscle: Chia seeds are rich in proteins, providing almost 4gms of protein per ounce of serving. It is a superfood to all the vegans, who are always looking for foodstuff which will serve them with protein.So, if you are trying to develop lean muscles, lose out fat & balance your sugar level, then go ahead & infuse your water with Chia Seeds.
  5. Rich in Zinc:¬†Lately, tablets like zincovit¬†are gaining popularity amongst women aged above 40. These tiny seeds are rich in zinc, it will improve the woman’s health, increase the hormone leptin & keep the bad breath germs away!
  6. Digestive Health: After consumption of soaked chia seeds, they form a gelatin-like substance in the body, which improves the health of the bacterias present in the gut. Take it if you are suffering from any gastrointestinal issues: Acidity, Constipation, Diarrhoea.
  7. Improve Heart Health: Chia seeds are rich in essential fatty acids (omega-3 & Alpha-linolenic), which are associated with reduced LDL or Bad Cholesterol, decreased thrombosis, improved heart health & may also lower your blood pressure.



  • We can keep refilling the bottle with water, you do not have to discard the chia seeds. The chia seeds start absorbing water as soon as you have filled them with water.
  • Additionally, we can add chia seeds to curd, yoghurt, salad. However, the soaked chia seeds provide more nutrients than raw seeds.Adding chia seeds to lemon water can give good weight loss results.
  • Do not eat more than 10-15gms of chia seeds as the high fibre content can make your stomach upset.
  • If you are eating more than 2 tsp of raw chia seeds, then consume plenty of water.






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