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Struggle for Radiant Looks

Getting your regular facials/dermatologist treatment/applying face packs regularly, and yet do not have a forever radiant look?

Who doesn’t want to have a radiant flawless glowing skin with infinite levels of energy… It is not something that is a distant dream to achieve because, we are truly a reflection of what we eat, how we eat, where we eat and with what mindset we eat. Food habits dominates the good food we consume, hence, it is very essential that we take a note of our food habits. This article is all about our food habits that are our rivals for getting a radiant look.

If you are concerned about your beauty then you must definitely be concerned about your health. Food being the most important part of a human life, is neglected. The importance of food has been given to its flavor while its real importance lies in the nutritional aspect.

Watch out how food choices and habits affects us negatively….

The first thing to avoid in the morning is your cup of tea/coffee. Sabse phele band karo isko..!! They are calorific and nutritionally of zero value. They do no benefit to us and in fact disrupts the elimination process of our toxins in the body.girl-865304_960_720

Adopt herbal tea!!! It boosts your body naturally and being full of antioxidants, helps in complete removal of toxins and giving a clearer skin…

The second thing to avoid is Refined Sugar… It is of no good use.. They cause obesity, acne problems, greasy/oily hair and poor blood circulation.

Incorporate jaggery/honey in your diet instead. They purify the blood and clear toxins too.

Of course, nothing can beat the goodness of a fruit. Binge eating of fruits is allowed !!

Excessive salt in the diet causes puffiness under your eyes, causes hypertension and bloating during menstrual cycle. Keep the salt content to minimal to get rid of these problems.

Another common bad food choice is of Spicy food.spices-541974_960_720

Did u know spicy food is an addiction? Your body craves for spicy food!! Stay away from it.

It doesn’t improve digestion, causes blood vessels to dilate and capillaries break out and this also inhibits toxin removal from the body…

The entire process of having a radiant look is having improved a good circulation of blood, and elimination of toxins, hence, it is very important that we eat foods that flushes toxin out of our body…

Food choices are in our hands… It’s never too late to start it all new!! Go get your looks flawless !!! 🙂




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Hair: A beauty asset

Who doesn’t love Good, Lustrous and Thick Hair?? And yes, hair is the most important asset to us!! A lot of people complain about various hair problems; be it, dandruff, hair fall, dull hair, greasy and oily hair, thin hair, split ends and the list goes on…

What do you think is the problem? The heat, the chemicals, the strong dyes,the increasing interest in color highlighting?? Yes, they add on to the problem.


Did you ever think, food can also contributes to the hair problem??  Work upon your food habit first and topical applications cannot work alone for hair growth!

Glossy, luxurious and lust hair is not luck-by-chance or by birth.Everyone faces some kind of hair problem depending on their heredity, hormonal changes and anxiety levels. Hair nurturing is a must and that comes from eating right.

Diet rich in Iodine, Iron and vitamin B complex is very crucial for good hair, hence have them frequently.

Iron comes from Egg yolk, Liver, Meat and for vegans, it is GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES!!

Make conscious efforts to eat fresh fruits, nuts, cottage cheese, egg and fish.

Do drink 8 glasses of water a day and see your hair growing well.

Yeast is known to improve hair growth; add “vegemite”, a taste enhancer and a yeast extract to your soup and juice. hair-2

Did you know?

Hair is a dead protein and protein rich foods works wonder for hair. Hair also grows the fastest in the night, hence applying oil in the night is very effective.

 Different Hair problems and their solutions:

Diets have to be fine-tuned according to the hair type.

 Hair root requires nourishment which comes from food and circulation comes from oiling, massage.

 Whats the right diet for our hair?? 

   Greasy Hair: The scalp secrets oil.

So, avoid eating fried foods, fats, sugar and chocolates.

   Dry Hair: Frizzy and dried hair is a tough thing to handle!

Add 2 tablespoon of salad oils to your regular meals and watch your hair getting rid of dryness.

     Hair fall: Short-tempered people have lot of hair fall problem. Normal hair fall per day is 60. Anything above this needs to be acted upon.

Stay away from regular tea and start having herbal tea preferably camomile.

Camomile tea & the flower

 Dandruff: The dead cells sheds itself, which is dandruff. They may cause acne/boils. In worse cases, may weaken the eye sight.

Dandruff haired people must avoid tea, coffee and soft drinks strictly. Switch to cod liver or vegetable oil instead of butter and animal fats.

   Split ends: A hair follicle is made up of three layers: Cuticle, Cortex and Medulla.Chemicals, strong dyes, heat, chlorine causes the separation of the 3 layers, causing them to split.

Use olive oil for cooking food and massaging hair.

Top 5 Topical Applications:

  1. Massage hair with Castor oil and some other oil (1:4) is the best for thickening of hair.
  2. Yogurt application for soft hair results.
  3. Overnight soaked fenugreek seeds and application the next morning for 30 minutes helps in hair fall reduction.
  4. Henna is a wonderful agent for oily hair ( to be mixed with coffee); conditioning (mixing with yogurt) and coloring (mixing with black tea). Leave it for 2o minutes and wash.
  5. Apply Olive oil + Honey for 30 minutes and the results are wonderful, hence leaving your hair lustrous!
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