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My humble Daal-Chawal

Humble Daal-Chawal?? Does it sound personified or funny? Well, I call it humble because it is the most nutritious yet the ignored meal of the day & this post is dedicated to my husband- Mr. Sanket Garg who hated having Daal-Chawal (Rice & Lentil) & after realizing the humility of Daal-Chawal now eats it whenever served. Many of us do not realize the importance of Daal-Chawal & find good reasons to avoid it. The best one being- I do not like it. This post is for all those mothers who want to prepare daal chawal & children of the loving mothers who try to avoid it.


Rice is rich in starch & many people believe that it makes us obese, but it is not the case. It is the richest
source of protein amongst all the grains. It contains 8 essential amino acids out of 10 (Amino acids are the building blocks of Proteins) which are not produced in the body, hence it is important that you consume these amino acids which cannot be synthesized by the body. Rice is rich in Methonine, an essential amino acid & lack Lysine. It is rich in Thiamine, Niacin & Iron.


Daal, being a pulse is rich in proteins & has abundance of Lysine, while it is deficient in Methonine. Daal is also rich in minerals, notably iron & zinc. It is also rich in vitamins like Thiamine, folic acid.

Hence, both Rice & Dal compensate for each others deficiency, providing all the essential amino acids required by the human body.


The role of micro nutrient is unique in our body. It is required in very little quantity & makes our body work smoothly. Deficiency of vitamins or minerals can really be painful to our body. The absorption of the  micro nutrients can be increased/decreased by complementing it with the right partner (Vitamin D increases the absorption of Calcium)

Never drink tea after consuming foods that are rich in Iron. Tea reduces the availability of iron in human body. Consume citrus fruits/orange juices to increase the assimilation of iron in the body.

Always make sure that you don’t throw the water used for soaking rice & daal, as it contains vitamin B. Vitamin B is water soluble, hence it is lost easily while washing & soaking. So, always use that soaking water while preparing your food instead of discarding it.



  • It is now clearly understood that Daal Chawal gives us the complete amino acid profile, which makes it a protein rich meal.
  • When you have Daal Chawal in the night for your dinner:

(1) it will improve your memory,

(2) keep you mentally calm as rice is rich in carbs. Carbs keep mind calm.

(3) eating it with some ghee will provide you with short chain fatty acid (good fat) and helps in assimilating Vitamin D.

  • The critical importance of daal-chawal has always been understood by our ancestors &  that is why Khichdi (made from Daal-Chawal) is served when one suffers from fever, being a light meal, it provides all the essential nutrients required by the body.

So keep calm & have daal chawal which will keep you more calm !

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Chug Some Water!!

Water the most abundant element on Earth & yet the least utilised by each individual for drinking There is so much on Internet today to drink more water, to keep yourself hydrated & do you seriously make an attempt to start drinking more water at least 8 glasses a day, or at least let’s begin with 6 glasses of water a day!

I used to drink 3-4 glasses of water a day & today I drink more than 10 glasses of water a day. I am amazed to see these changes in myself & I am sure, you will see these changes in yourself soon too:


You are calmer than before; if you tend to react a lot on tiny issues, then drink lots of water, it will calm your mind & even slightest increase of hydration in a woman’s body will help her overcome a headache & moodiness.

Source: Research on mild dehydration affects mood in healthy woman.


When you are drinking enough water, the need to eat something is eliminated. Whenever you feel like eating in the night time, have some water & it will leave you with the same feeling of being full as eating junk!

Why I say night time is because the extra calories taken up in the night time is the main cause of becoming fat.


Be it gym or workplace, your performance will improve as the body gets enough water to perform all its functional activities. A slight drop of 2% in hydration will cause you to easily become tired & have a headache.


The cells in the body are performing their activities 24*7. Each cell in our body contains water & they are surrounded by water. When you are dehydrated, the cell membrane becomes less permeable which doesn’t allow the smooth flow of hormones & nutrients into the cell & discarding of the waste product outside the cell. When this happens, your energy levels drop & you feel tired.


Digestion requires sufficient water to absorb all the nutrients & to discard all the wastes. The bowel system is regulated by the amount of water you intake. If you are suffering from constipation or hard bowel, then you need to start consuming lots of water right now.


  •  Infuse your water with cucumbers, mint(pudina), apples to improve the taste of your water.
  • Every time you are done with using the washroom, grab a bottle to drink some water.
  • Place your water bottle near to your phone. Every time you check your phone, make sure to drink some water.
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DII : How Diet Can Prevent Cancer & Cardiovascular Diseases

I spoke to Dr.James Hébert & Dr. Nitin Shivappa to understand how Diet can prevent many inflammatory diseases like Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases. Reducing inflammation can reduce the risk of these diseases and diet plays an important role in controlling the inflammation. Diabetes, Cancer & Cardiovascular diseases have caused many deaths and these conditions affect majority of the population throughout the world and 50% of the US population is affected by these diseases.

How is Food Related to Inflammation?

There are foods that increases inflammation like Meat, Full fat dairy products- called as Pro- Inflammatory Foods, and there are foods that decreases inflammation called Anti Inflammatory Foods like fruits & vegetables, whole grain chapatis, Indian spices like Garam Masala, Cardamom, Turmeric and also Ginger, Garlic & Onions. Fruits and vegetables are so colorful & flavorful, rich in micronutrients-improving the body functionality.Eat them More!! 

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the process by which the white blood cells in our body protect us from infection from bacteria and viruses. They initiate the process of tissue repair.

Inflammation is basically a response by the body to an injury.

Developing Right Eating Habits

Diet is the most determinant factor in inflammation and now a days it is very common to use a 20 year old suffering from diabetes or a person at 30-40 year old has difficulty in walking. Food is the fuel for us. We must eat right foods that helps in improving the functioning our body. We should love our body and focus on its development but in real sense, we are deteriorating our body. It is so sad.

Dr. James Hébert developed a tool to measure our diet, called Dietary Inflammatory Index Score (DII Score). DII Score measures our intake for pro inflammatory & anti inflammatory diet intake.  A low DII Score means a healthy diet and a high DII Score means the risk of occurence of inflammatory disease is increased.

From Left to Right,
Dr. Nitin Shivappa – Principal Investigatory
Dr. James Hérbert – Inventor of DII

It is important that we must start working on improving our body functionality and stay away from the life endagering diseases like cancer.

Inflammatory diseases are directly proportional to your BMI (Body Mass Index). Check your BMI here.We know how obesity is related to diabetes? We will not need any big hospitals or expensive medicines to cure our disease, just a little modification in our diet- thats all. Our ancestors didn’t suffer from such diseases because they ate food that is right for the body, but we focus on whats right for our taste.

Choosing Right Food

The refined grains are void of the minerals & vitamins present in the husk of the grains-avoid them, adopt having whole grains. Whole grains are rich in vitamins & minerals, nutritionally rich.

The masala Chai is full of flavors and anti inflammatory components which is best for our body. We do observe how a Masala Chai takes away our cold with its magical one cup serve.

Always prefer food that are naturally colorful and flavorful and consume spices, as they contain bioactive components that keeps the DII score negative, which is good.

White colored foods contain no pigments and are usually odorless and are calorifically high. Most of the sweets are white in color- containing no flavor, they are just sweet.

We have a wide range of products with a lot of flavor variants-flavors apart from giving charateristic taste & odor, contains compounds in minimal quantity that are beneficial to body, for example, Strawberry flavors contains flavoinds that will bring our DII Score down. Always pick a low fat strawberry flavored yogurt for extra benefits 🙂

We do observe in our Indian homes, how our mothers & grandmothers can heal our infections, fever, cold, body pains through foods either by consumption or topical applications.

Know your DII Score

An easy way to calculate DII Score is through an app DII Screener app available on IOS & Androidwhich is available to download for free. We can compute our DII Score. Connecting Health Innovation (CHI) designed it to introduce people about their intervention so that people can compute their score on their own. You can also fill out  Frequency Questionnaire- where you can give them your diet data and they will compute your DII, which is more accurate than screener based one called DII on Demand . The doctors will also tell how can you reduce your DII Score and what you should eat to reduce the Score…This is a paid subscription, as it is right said Prevention is Better than Cure.Know your DII score, take the Doctors help to keep the diseases away.

For more help or information on dietary inflammation, connect to and

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Crash Diet : Don’t Go Bonkers

Many girls starve themselves to loose weight, without realizing the harmful effects it may have on their own body. For permanent changes in the body, do not go a ‘diet’. Crash diet restricts calorie intake & is extreme in its nutritional deprivations, which implies a lack of concern for proper nutrition.A lot of people eat as little as they can, for the name sake to reduce weight. Who are you trying to cheat girls? It is your body, which requires unconditional love for your own self. It is tough in the beginning but very gorgeous at the end, never forget that 🙂

Weight is just a number, how you feel about your body is important. What is the point if you weigh 45 kgs and feel lethargic ??

What is the Alternate Solution?

Work out; don’t like exercising, okay! Focus on your food habits and your lifestyle. Modify the lifestyle, make it a healthy one and commit yourself to a better well being.  Food is just not carbohydrates, proteins and fats, there is more to it!!

80% of the body weight depends on the food habits we inculcate.

You must re-learn the food habits:

  1. Eat regularly every 2-3 hours, yes, you must eat to lose weight.

    Wondering what to have 2-3 hours? Nature has a lot to offer us !!

  2. The digestive system is the most active during morning hours; 7am-10am. Never skip your breakfast!
  3. The digestive system is the least active during evening hours; have your dinner not later than 8pm. So, do not pump in food and snacks in the night. Have it in the day time instead.
  4. Eat within your threshold, i.e eat how much your body can digest– the best way to do is to be attentive while you eat.
  5. Fruits must be eaten whole, instead of cutting it or juicing it. Cutting fruits into pieces, increases the surface area of the fruit, hence, increased losses of nutrient. The antioxidants present in the fruit must be oxidised inside the human body and not outside- in the juicer !

                                   Have fruits within 10 mins after you wake up!

  6. All low-fat and sugar free foods when eaten in excess, can harm the body.
  7. Every body is different and copying others diet plan/regime is a no-no.
  8. Stress can make you fat ! Nobody has ever figured about what is life all about, so keep the stress levels in control. Stress releases hormone;cortisol, which lowers the metabolic rate, thus preventing fat burning and converts food to fat. When you are stressed, the body doesn’t secrete any digestive juices so nothing gets digested and absorbed. So, while eating, keep all your senses focused on only one thing: FOOD
  9. Regularly eat foods that are local; Idli in Hyderabad, Chole in Delhi & Pizza in Italy. It is better to digest & assimilate owing to its agricultural regions.
  10. Don’t count calories, count the nutrients !



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The Magical Yogurt

Yogurt, the most wonderful dairy product

Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that improves the digestive system of a human body. It, has now occupied most of the shelf space in the dairy aisle of any supermarket, no wonder how thankful we are to the various flavors a yogurt can offer.

What do we get from Yogurt?

Yogurt is known to improve the gut bacteria, hence it is labelled as a Prebiotic Food, which improves digestive system which includes relieve from Diarrhoea, Constipation, bowel diseases.

So, for all of you who suffer from Lactose Intolerance, yogurt is the solution to this problem.

  1. Woman suffering with diabetes, also suffer from Vaginal Infections. Having yogurt helps fighting against yeast infection which improves woman’s health. Eating yogurt decreases your pH levels of vagina. The normal ph level of vagina is 4, while the infected pH levels may go upto 6.
  2. All dairy products provide calcium. It also benefits you from Osteoporosis. Calcium and Vitamin D are closely associated. The Vitamin D content is sufficiently high in yogurt meeting your daily requirements of this Vitamin.
  3. The product keeps your menstrual cramps at bay.
  4. Top it with Flax seeds, which means you can improve your intake of fibres and omega-3-fatty acids.

Omega-3-fatty acids, improves our brain functioning, improves our immunity, reduces hair fall and curbs joint pain. Omega -3-fatty acids helps you if you are going through depression or frequent uncontrollable mood swings.

Yogurt topped with fruits and dry fruits, top yours with flax seeds

With dairy companies providing a wide range of yogurts, be ready to pick one according to your choice.

  1. Low Fat or Full Fat; you can always check the nutritional table on the pack
  2. Vitamin D enriched yogurts are available. It is for you if are suffering from joint pains/bone related issues.
  3. Cholesterol content of the product has to be checked.

My Choice Always: Danone !!



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Chalks, Mud, Toilet Paper : Bizzare Cravings

Of late, I have been working with a few clients with diet charts and found that they have cravings for abnormal stuffs like Chalks, Mud, Sand, and Toilet Paper! I really do appreciate their audacity to share their craving problems and here I am going to spend some time with you all why does it happen and how to overcome it….

The state of eating bizzare non-food stuffs when you are not pregnant is called PICA.Eating such abnormal items fills up the nutrient gaps!



 If you have these cravings and are often bewildered, then please understand that the body is deficient in minerals! Vitamins and minerals are the micro nutrients, which is usually not considered while taking food while Carbs, Proteins and Fats are macro nutrients that are primarily focused on… These micro nutrients can mess up the normal body routine if not taken in sufficient amount.

When a nutrient is missed, our body craves for it, whilst some may have cravings for junk/chocolates. Cravings are bad, be it food stuff or non-food stuff! Please build a habit of listening to your body needs and work accordingly, eat right.

Many pregnant woman craves for mud/chalks. The common problem is Iron Deficiency. Nobody wants to have Green Leafy Vegetables, no wonder we all know its surplus benefits.

Chalk —> Associated with Iron, Zinc, Calcium deficiencies. Commonly seen in women!

Sand/Mud —> Associated with Iron Deficiency.

Toilet Paper —> Calcium and Carbs Deficiency.

Some Iron Rich Foods :


Pomegranate, fresh fruits and vegetables and of course not to forget GLF’s (Green Leafy Veggies)

Did know? Vit C and Vit B12 are needed for Iron absorption?

Vitamin C rich foods : Citrus fruits like orange and amla.

Vitamin B12 rich foods : Meat, fish, dairy products.

Some Calcium Rich Foods :

Dairy Products, Nuts, Tofu and Green Leafy Vegetables.

P.S :

We are conducting a fun caption-o-graphy contest soon on our facebook page…Do take part!!


Want to get in touch : Inbox me on facebook/insta !!


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Ever Wondered Why Oldies Are Better Than Us?

The most important yet the most neglected aspect of life : HEALTH & FOOD

Food is the fuel of our body. Yet, we don’t find time to eat on time… When we are late, we don’t skip a bath but our meal…WHY?? Because we neglect health since God has developed the human body in such a way that it can withstand the torture 5x times… With minimal awareness and fashion ka bhootsawar of zero size/six packs ab, the nutritional diet of most of us have gone cranky banky…

Do you guys even realize that the current gen faces most of the disorders and deficiencies which is of-course the result of their self made diet plans.

Many of us, particularly the girls, skip meals to reduce weight… But in reality, they tend to eat a lot at the end of the day, when their stomach cries for food…Have you ever looked and thought about your grandparents, who looked so good and had ghane baal during their youthful age and perhaps, maybe even now?? They have been very enthusiastic all their age and we have become dull/lazy/lethargic…

You also need to keep in mind that “bina petrol ke gaadi nahi chalti hai” !!!

So here we go how to maintain ourselves being energetic & healthy…


The first intake of your day as soon as you have to get up has to be a fruit.  The sugar levels (mainly fructose) maintains your blood glucose levels in the blood which comes down while your asleep in the night.

Your digestive capabilities are at its best during 7am to 10am; so have stomach full of your favourite items…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day… Healthy breakfast keeps you active during the day while the vice versa, you must have faced consequences like headache/nausea/fatigue etc etc etc…



Have a bowl of sporuts/roasted peanuts/cheese slice after 2-3 hours of your breakfast. Eating small quantities of food in regular intervals of 2 hours improves the metabolism and helps in fat burning.



Have nutritious cooked meal and eat your meals with your complete focus on the meal as it helps in better digestion and absorption of the food. Do avoid using cell phones or watching t.v.

Avoid junk as much as possible since they are responsible for your high cholesterol levels/B.P/obesity. The quality of the meal cannot always be relied on its appearance and taste.

Whenever want to plan a meal outside, prefer it to be a lunch and not more than weekly once


Have a cup of green tea with a fruit like apple/pear (sweet fruits, basically). Also, you can have curd/buttermilk/punch of yogurt.

Eating curd etc as a different meal helps you have choices of food intake at different intervals + the absorption of nutrients is increased.


Dinner time is the most critical meal of your day. The timing of the dinner is very important since the digestion capabilities are at its lowest as other body functions like cell repair, cell damage are the focus of the body…

Have it by 7pm!!! Dinners shouldn’t be eaten later than 8pm.


Having a glass of milk before sleeping has helped many people with a sound and undisturbed sleep + eased the piles problem.

Few people cannot have milk due to lactose intolerance while some face acidity problems… Always remember that every body and soul is unique and they have their own way of digesting food…

You can alternatively have salads, a spoon of flax seeds after 1.5-2 hours of your dinner…


Disclaimer : Having early dinners and sleeping at 11pm or even late won’t make you feel hungry as the digestion process are slow in the night.

Looking forward to hear how it worked for you all!! 🙂

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Diwali Season: Secret Ways of Cheating Diet

Almost all of us suffer from a major problem being either – Overweight or Underweight…Like me, I’m sure there are many who wants a sweet or a dessert after a meal or at least once a day and just cannot go without it…We follow our own dieting ways without much understanding of our digestive tract.

Maintaining weight and looking good is on the top bucket list every year and with festivals round the corner, we just cannot ignore the sweets and other mouth watering snack yummy items..Many a times, we cannot stop eating even when our stomachs are full and there’s go the saying “Pet bhar gaya lekin Mann nahi Bhara“, is because our brain takes a little extra time to make us realize that we have eaten more than needed. This needs practice as our relationship with the stomach needs nurturing and attention. Practice eating not more than 350gms of food at once.

Lucky-to-go-9 tips for cheating diet

  • Did you know that eating a pastry/piece of cake/sweet dishes doesn’t add to your fat, when eaten in morning on an empty stomach? 

Wanna know how and it has come as a suprise to you?? Hold on!! We will explain this later in the post….

  • Have u ever tried eating a salt less food? Well, it must be adopted monthly once… Try eating a salt less food before a big fat wedding or a late night party, and you will not complain of any of the following :

(a) stomach upset, (b)too tired as a result of over eating (c) being very lazy the next morning (d)finding it tough to leave the bed even after a long sleep.

  • How many of us are tempted by the Dominos Pizza Weekly Offer (Ek pe Ek ka offer) 😉 ?? Haha!! Almost all of us…Find it difficult to resist the temptation of Pizza? We can definitely have it monthly once but you will have to stop after 1 or 2 pieces of pizza.supreme-pizza-619133_960_720

 Pizza is a high Glycemic Index food and eaten in small quantity doesn’t add to body fat.

  • Staying stressed/agitated/angry/sad helps you only become fat!! Yes, our mind plays an important role during digestion. The brain signals the digestive system to secrete juices for digestion.

During stress, mind releases a hormone named cortisol which is known to :

(1)prevent fat burning, (2)Convert food to fat and (3)Lowers the metabolism ie poor digestion.

Hence, always remember that a calm mind is essential for fat burning process 🙂

  • Avoid eating a dessert immediately after a

Have it separately… Eat High Glycemic Index foods in small loads, it will not get converted to fat.

  • Avoid eating baasi sabzi and daal.

They are ripped off nutrients and hence provides poor nourishment.

  • Fond of Chalkis and Chips?? Make them fresh at home and have them.

This way it will be nutritionally rich.Also, during the preparation we use good oil at home and season them according to our tastes.

  • Eat biscuit, gazar ka halwa, packed juiced post workout.

They must be eaten after body work out for better results when our blood sugar levels are low, as these foods will maintain the sugar level in the blood stream and do not get converted to fat .!!!

  • Conscious when Diwali is here next week and you surely know you will gain weight and cannot keep away from sweets particularly gulab jamun and other fried items?? Don’t worry we have a trick for this as well.  gulab-jamun

Give your body a confidence that you will be indulging in extra sweets and fried food this Diwali and your body and mind will start preparing for a higher and better metabolism. Instead of telling your family and friends that you are going to refrain from extra calories this festival and then indulging in the end moment may accelerate the release of stress harmone..

Tell them you are going to eat more sweets than ever and see the results.

You can thank us later 😉

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Bad Mood Blame your Mom

What is Bad Mood?

Being Confused, frustrated, irritated, and without a reason..!! And you feel attacked by these:

  1. Unable to get up from bed ever after a good night sleep
  2. Craving for some chocolates, pastries
  3. Reactive/Over reactive mood.

And, then the moment mom asks, “Kya hua”, you blame her, yell at her for the entire bad mood? It’s time for you to wake up & realize it is not your mom but your body is craving for vitamins and minerals.

Why Me?

Do u feel stuck and question why me? Mere sath hi kyun?

Wait wait wait… It happens with everyone, ask your classmate/friend/colleague.

Because…dear, you are not listening to your body needs. When there’s deficiency, your brain doesn’t function in full mode. And hence, you get cranky.

  • During puberty, a lot of hormonal changes take place in the body, hence there’s anger, frustration creeping in. It’s a phase of life. Be calm and meet your nutritional requirements.
  • Too many pyjama parties/sleepovers is definitely going to take a toll on your thighs, fattening them and upsetting your mind for a bad sleep.
  • Too much of stress and negativity in mind. Take a chill pill. Sabke sath kuch na kuch hota hai.
  • Young ladies; crash diet gives you a zero figure and all mood swings, be careful babes!
  • Binge eating : Pet bhar gaya, but mann nahi bhara     
  • Living away from home, depletes you from nutrition. Extra Care Alarm!!
  • Prolonged hours of starvation. Occupied with too much work, fight with someone and you skipped a meal. It’s a big NOO!!

10 ways to combat a Bad Mood:

  1. Listen to your mom. She has been through your age and definitely knows better than you about food
  2. Get rid of food fear that it will make you fat.
  3. Eat a banana in the morning after 10mins of waking up. It keeps your mood swings balanced.
  4. All your frustration and anger energy needs to be directed towards sports/exercise which will help in the regulation of mental and physical conditions.
  5. Whenever your mom serves you green leafy vegetables/fruits, don’t say a NO as they are loaded with good amount of Iron, which keeps your haemoglobin content high hence you feel energetic and lively throughout the day.
  6. Eating small quantities of food every 2-3hours.
  7. Fruits, dry fruits, milk, curd, yoghurt must be a part of routine diet for Vitamins, minerals and proteins, which must essentially be a part of our daily diet.
  8. If away from home, extra attention towards fruits, dry fruits & milk products please!
  9. Change your food habits and see your body nourishing well.
  10. Eat the right kind of food in the right amount at the right time.

Parents don’t be pushy

  • Do not force children to lose weight unnecessarily, help them choose one hobby to be active and fit.
  • Educate them on good food habits instead of instilling food fear which will make them fat or look ugly and in today’s world being fat is a rejection. No, it is not! Always remember that if food made you fat/ugly, there wouldn’t be so many varieties of food in the world. Food habits make you obese or healthy.

                               Accept yourself, the way you are. Every body has their own system and way of metabolism. To look good, one must feel good. Feeling good comes when body is working properly and mind is calm which comes from eating right food in the right quantity and at the right time

So, whenever you are cranky and frustrated and don’t understand what is wrong, eat something, it’s the way your brain reacts when it is deprived of energy.

Disclamer : Next time, you are bogged down, remember it is not your mom!

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How to stay fit with prolonged working hours

5 tips for healthy snacking at work.


Our lifestyle:

Work load and offices have made us ambitious but also stressed. Have you become dull/fat/lazy? If your answer is yes, then this post is for you! Blaming office/marriage is not going to help.

Take a step today. If you have been thinking to start something for yourself then the time is NOW. No time to exercise? No problem. Focus on your food habits. Your entire body functioning depends on them.

What to do?

Develop a habit of eating every 2 hours, as it helps in better nutrient absorption and doesn’t lead to fat accumulation and stomach upset.

5 tips for healthy snacking at work:

1.Got a water/tea vending machine? Cool! Have a cup of green tea. Dip your Organic India Tulsi Green Tea bag (available on Amazon) in hot water.

Why: Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants, which cleans your body toxins; and drinking in morning helps in weight reduction.

2.Have a handful or more of Roasted Peanuts; two hours after your breakfast.

Why: Roasted peanuts; are good sources of protein and magnesium. Buy a pack and keep it with you always.

3.RTD Chaas/Yakult/Curd (avoid topping with sugar/salt; use jeera/pepper) can be had after 2 hours of lunch. Have it as a different meal.

Why:   Dairy products are rich in Calcium and Vitamin B12; and it is necessary to have it in adequate amount so that it counteracts for the losses during menstrual cycle.

4.A cheese slice in the evening just before leaving office is a great option.

Why: It supplies you enough proteins, calcium and Vitamin B12 thus improving your vaginal health.

5.Put an alarm for all your meals.

Why :Health is Wealth baby



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