Month: April 2017

Dehyradating Summers!!

The worse thing that you can allow hot summers to do is DEHYDRATE YOU!!

Dehydration in some cases that I have seen leads to:

  1. High fever; exceeding 105 degree Farenheit.
  2. Vomiting
  3. Concentrated yellow color urine

Beat the heat this summer with some cool tips:

  1. Drink lots of water & other fluids (Buttermilk, Coconut water). Increase your water consumption to 10 glasses a day.

If you are someone who gets irritated in a second & if you are genuinenly looking out for solutions then start drinking a lot of water & see your irritation, short temperedness levels decreasing.

2. Have a bowl of curd (tossed with jeera, instead of sugar & salt) in the afternoons.

Consuming a bowl of curd rice post lunch is the best way to beat the heat!

3. A glass of sugar cane juice every alternate day.

Gaane ka juice/ras is the natural energy drink, the moment you feel energtically low, grab this coolest drink immediately. Diabetics can also consume sugar juice juice (it doesnt increase your glucose levels).

4. Have some gulkhand in the night.

It is a natural coolant & also gives you a good night sleep….

The common issues of acidity, headaches, nausea, dehydration is because you don’t care enough for your body! And, nothing is more important than self care…

Take Care!


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Abs Are Made in the Kitchen; Not in the Gym

Keep on exercising, running, working out; but if you are eating too much of baked stuff, oily food, taking less protein then nothing is going to work in your favor!!

Abs Are Made in Kitchen; not in the Gym

Plank- the most effective exercise for losing fat out

Balanced diet & work outs complement each other. 2017 resolution of  healthy & fit body requires controlling food habits. If you are running too much & consuming too much sugar later; then there is no chance that your ab will develop… The fat needs to be reduced around the stomach region for the abs to become visible!

Understand your body – what it needs, what exercises effect the body structure…Nuture your body; do not punish it by starving, or pinching the bulky fat protuding out.



Common mistakes that you are making:

  1. Not having anything post workout- Post work out, the body is glucose depleted, hence consume foods rich in high glycemic index – fruit juices, halwa, bread.
  2. No Control over fatty foods- Working out doesn’t give you total approval of consuming fatty foods at any point. The cravings need to be controlled; & it is recommended to consume calorific foods once a week.
  3. Diet Poor in Fibres- A fibre rich foods boost the metabolism & improves the functionality of the digestive system. Fruits (eat with the skin), vegetables are rich in fibre. Oats are an excellent source of soluble fibres.
  4. Irregular Working Out Patterns- Working out when you feel like will not give fruitful results. It is recommened to work out  150 minutes a week; and if you are looking to lose some weight, then workout for 210 minutes for better results.
  5. Stop Being too rigid about the weighing scale- The weighing balance shows a number- this depends on many factors like bone density, water retention capacity. Every body is different & needs a different nourishment style.
  6. Late Night Dinners- A common way to lose weight is to skip meals & then consume too much in the evening. Hold on!! This is making things worse; have your dinner not late than 2 hours post sunset. The body is winding up its digestion work & preparing for hormone repair & rejunevation. Filling yourself with too much food is a NO-NO

    No desserts/calorific food post 4pm.

  7. No enough Proteins-If you are seriously working out & want to get faster & better results, supplement your body with proteins, it allows muscles to grow. There are plenty of pulses, dairy product, eggs available to rely on!

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These are the top 7 mistakes that people usually commit. It is vital to understand the nutritional importance of food & it is necessary to understand your own body & its requirement.

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