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Eyes speak it All

How many of you have been questioned whats wrong with you, when everything is fine ???

Eyes Speak more than words…. Eyes speak your mood… How many of you have been questioned whats wrong with you, when everything is just okay, only because you have got dull eyes? Many of us have eyesight since a very young age… Our food and most importantly, our carelessness towards eye make them worse…

Vitamin A is known to be best for eye functioning, but did you also know that Vit C was equally important?

A lot of us watch TV, use mobile and laptops for prolonged long hours without allowing it to rest? Why don’t you cup your eyes every 4 hours with your hand?

We have taken our eyes for granted and hence the result, dark circles, dull eyes, weak eye sight and crow feet.

Must Do’s:

  1. Have carrots and celery…eyes
  2. Put cotton balls dipped in rose water, with a drop of castor oil on eyes
  3. Cover your eyes with your palms every few hours.
  4. Watch TV from a minimal distance of 3-4 mts
  5. Do some eye exercises like keeping your head straight and looking at the ceiling and then down to the floor for 8 times.
  6. If you have got too much of laptop work, then excerise your pupil by moving it to extreme left and then right for 8 times, keeping head constant ! The most relaxing exercising, I say !
  7. Place a spoon in a freezer for 30 minutes and then apply the concave side of the spoon on your dark circles.

Did you know : The temperature around the eyes is higher than the body and hence, applying spoon (kept in freezer) brings down the temperature of the eyes and lighten the dark circles.

rubbing-palmMust Not Do’s

  1. We are all aware of not to watch tv from a shorter distance, to rest our eyes, keep cucumber slices. But how many of us really do?
  2. Don’t say I don’t have time.
  3. Don’t take eyes for granted.

The way we look gives an identity to our personality… It builds our confidence… We must look good to feel good

P.S :  We have got 24 hours in a day, learn to manage time 🙂

Please remember: Eyes are the most important sense organ of a body.. We must duly take care of it… Taking good care of eyes will also eliminate a lot of head ache issues

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Chalks, Mud, Toilet Paper : Bizzare Cravings

Of late, I have been working with a few clients with diet charts and found that they have cravings for abnormal stuffs like Chalks, Mud, Sand, and Toilet Paper! I really do appreciate their audacity to share their craving problems and here I am going to spend some time with you all why does it happen and how to overcome it….

The state of eating bizzare non-food stuffs when you are not pregnant is called PICA.Eating such abnormal items fills up the nutrient gaps!



 If you have these cravings and are often bewildered, then please understand that the body is deficient in minerals! Vitamins and minerals are the micro nutrients, which is usually not considered while taking food while Carbs, Proteins and Fats are macro nutrients that are primarily focused on… These micro nutrients can mess up the normal body routine if not taken in sufficient amount.

When a nutrient is missed, our body craves for it, whilst some may have cravings for junk/chocolates. Cravings are bad, be it food stuff or non-food stuff! Please build a habit of listening to your body needs and work accordingly, eat right.

Many pregnant woman craves for mud/chalks. The common problem is Iron Deficiency. Nobody wants to have Green Leafy Vegetables, no wonder we all know its surplus benefits.

Chalk —> Associated with Iron, Zinc, Calcium deficiencies. Commonly seen in women!

Sand/Mud —> Associated with Iron Deficiency.

Toilet Paper —> Calcium and Carbs Deficiency.

Some Iron Rich Foods :


Pomegranate, fresh fruits and vegetables and of course not to forget GLF’s (Green Leafy Veggies)

Did know? Vit C and Vit B12 are needed for Iron absorption?

Vitamin C rich foods : Citrus fruits like orange and amla.

Vitamin B12 rich foods : Meat, fish, dairy products.

Some Calcium Rich Foods :

Dairy Products, Nuts, Tofu and Green Leafy Vegetables.

P.S :

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Ever Wondered Why Oldies Are Better Than Us?

The most important yet the most neglected aspect of life : HEALTH & FOOD

Food is the fuel of our body. Yet, we don’t find time to eat on time… When we are late, we don’t skip a bath but our meal…WHY?? Because we neglect health since God has developed the human body in such a way that it can withstand the torture 5x times… With minimal awareness and fashion ka bhootsawar of zero size/six packs ab, the nutritional diet of most of us have gone cranky banky…

Do you guys even realize that the current gen faces most of the disorders and deficiencies which is of-course the result of their self made diet plans.

Many of us, particularly the girls, skip meals to reduce weight… But in reality, they tend to eat a lot at the end of the day, when their stomach cries for food…Have you ever looked and thought about your grandparents, who looked so good and had ghane baal during their youthful age and perhaps, maybe even now?? They have been very enthusiastic all their age and we have become dull/lazy/lethargic…

You also need to keep in mind that “bina petrol ke gaadi nahi chalti hai” !!!

So here we go how to maintain ourselves being energetic & healthy…


The first intake of your day as soon as you have to get up has to be a fruit.  The sugar levels (mainly fructose) maintains your blood glucose levels in the blood which comes down while your asleep in the night.

Your digestive capabilities are at its best during 7am to 10am; so have stomach full of your favourite items…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day… Healthy breakfast keeps you active during the day while the vice versa, you must have faced consequences like headache/nausea/fatigue etc etc etc…



Have a bowl of sporuts/roasted peanuts/cheese slice after 2-3 hours of your breakfast. Eating small quantities of food in regular intervals of 2 hours improves the metabolism and helps in fat burning.



Have nutritious cooked meal and eat your meals with your complete focus on the meal as it helps in better digestion and absorption of the food. Do avoid using cell phones or watching t.v.

Avoid junk as much as possible since they are responsible for your high cholesterol levels/B.P/obesity. The quality of the meal cannot always be relied on its appearance and taste.

Whenever want to plan a meal outside, prefer it to be a lunch and not more than weekly once


Have a cup of green tea with a fruit like apple/pear (sweet fruits, basically). Also, you can have curd/buttermilk/punch of yogurt.

Eating curd etc as a different meal helps you have choices of food intake at different intervals + the absorption of nutrients is increased.


Dinner time is the most critical meal of your day. The timing of the dinner is very important since the digestion capabilities are at its lowest as other body functions like cell repair, cell damage are the focus of the body…

Have it by 7pm!!! Dinners shouldn’t be eaten later than 8pm.


Having a glass of milk before sleeping has helped many people with a sound and undisturbed sleep + eased the piles problem.

Few people cannot have milk due to lactose intolerance while some face acidity problems… Always remember that every body and soul is unique and they have their own way of digesting food…

You can alternatively have salads, a spoon of flax seeds after 1.5-2 hours of your dinner…


Disclaimer : Having early dinners and sleeping at 11pm or even late won’t make you feel hungry as the digestion process are slow in the night.

Looking forward to hear how it worked for you all!! 🙂

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