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Diwali Season: Secret Ways of Cheating Diet

Almost all of us suffer from a major problem being either – Overweight or Underweight…Like me, I’m sure there are many who wants a sweet or a dessert after a meal or at least once a day and just cannot go without it…We follow our own dieting ways without much understanding of our digestive tract.

Maintaining weight and looking good is on the top bucket list every year and with festivals round the corner, we just cannot ignore the sweets and other mouth watering snack yummy items..Many a times, we cannot stop eating even when our stomachs are full and there’s go the saying “Pet bhar gaya lekin Mann nahi Bhara“, is because our brain takes a little extra time to make us realize that we have eaten more than needed. This needs practice as our relationship with the stomach needs nurturing and attention. Practice eating not more than 350gms of food at once.

Lucky-to-go-9 tips for cheating diet

  • Did you know that eating a pastry/piece of cake/sweet dishes doesn’t add to your fat, when eaten in morning on an empty stomach? 

Wanna know how and it has come as a suprise to you?? Hold on!! We will explain this later in the post….

  • Have u ever tried eating a salt less food? Well, it must be adopted monthly once… Try eating a salt less food before a big fat wedding or a late night party, and you will not complain of any of the following :

(a) stomach upset, (b)too tired as a result of over eating (c) being very lazy the next morning (d)finding it tough to leave the bed even after a long sleep.

  • How many of us are tempted by the Dominos Pizza Weekly Offer (Ek pe Ek ka offer) 😉 ?? Haha!! Almost all of us…Find it difficult to resist the temptation of Pizza? We can definitely have it monthly once but you will have to stop after 1 or 2 pieces of pizza.supreme-pizza-619133_960_720

 Pizza is a high Glycemic Index food and eaten in small quantity doesn’t add to body fat.

  • Staying stressed/agitated/angry/sad helps you only become fat!! Yes, our mind plays an important role during digestion. The brain signals the digestive system to secrete juices for digestion.

During stress, mind releases a hormone named cortisol which is known to :

(1)prevent fat burning, (2)Convert food to fat and (3)Lowers the metabolism ie poor digestion.

Hence, always remember that a calm mind is essential for fat burning process 🙂

  • Avoid eating a dessert immediately after a

Have it separately… Eat High Glycemic Index foods in small loads, it will not get converted to fat.

  • Avoid eating baasi sabzi and daal.

They are ripped off nutrients and hence provides poor nourishment.

  • Fond of Chalkis and Chips?? Make them fresh at home and have them.

This way it will be nutritionally rich.Also, during the preparation we use good oil at home and season them according to our tastes.

  • Eat biscuit, gazar ka halwa, packed juiced post workout.

They must be eaten after body work out for better results when our blood sugar levels are low, as these foods will maintain the sugar level in the blood stream and do not get converted to fat .!!!

  • Conscious when Diwali is here next week and you surely know you will gain weight and cannot keep away from sweets particularly gulab jamun and other fried items?? Don’t worry we have a trick for this as well.  gulab-jamun

Give your body a confidence that you will be indulging in extra sweets and fried food this Diwali and your body and mind will start preparing for a higher and better metabolism. Instead of telling your family and friends that you are going to refrain from extra calories this festival and then indulging in the end moment may accelerate the release of stress harmone..

Tell them you are going to eat more sweets than ever and see the results.

You can thank us later 😉

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Struggle for Radiant Looks

Getting your regular facials/dermatologist treatment/applying face packs regularly, and yet do not have a forever radiant look?

Who doesn’t want to have a radiant flawless glowing skin with infinite levels of energy… It is not something that is a distant dream to achieve because, we are truly a reflection of what we eat, how we eat, where we eat and with what mindset we eat. Food habits dominates the good food we consume, hence, it is very essential that we take a note of our food habits. This article is all about our food habits that are our rivals for getting a radiant look.

If you are concerned about your beauty then you must definitely be concerned about your health. Food being the most important part of a human life, is neglected. The importance of food has been given to its flavor while its real importance lies in the nutritional aspect.

Watch out how food choices and habits affects us negatively….

The first thing to avoid in the morning is your cup of tea/coffee. Sabse phele band karo isko..!! They are calorific and nutritionally of zero value. They do no benefit to us and in fact disrupts the elimination process of our toxins in the body.girl-865304_960_720

Adopt herbal tea!!! It boosts your body naturally and being full of antioxidants, helps in complete removal of toxins and giving a clearer skin…

The second thing to avoid is Refined Sugar… It is of no good use.. They cause obesity, acne problems, greasy/oily hair and poor blood circulation.

Incorporate jaggery/honey in your diet instead. They purify the blood and clear toxins too.

Of course, nothing can beat the goodness of a fruit. Binge eating of fruits is allowed !!

Excessive salt in the diet causes puffiness under your eyes, causes hypertension and bloating during menstrual cycle. Keep the salt content to minimal to get rid of these problems.

Another common bad food choice is of Spicy food.spices-541974_960_720

Did u know spicy food is an addiction? Your body craves for spicy food!! Stay away from it.

It doesn’t improve digestion, causes blood vessels to dilate and capillaries break out and this also inhibits toxin removal from the body…

The entire process of having a radiant look is having improved a good circulation of blood, and elimination of toxins, hence, it is very important that we eat foods that flushes toxin out of our body…

Food choices are in our hands… It’s never too late to start it all new!! Go get your looks flawless !!! 🙂




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Top 10 Reasons to Drink Beet Juice

Beet root is the taproot function of the plant. It has been since early age, linked with increased blood flow, lower the blood pressure and to fight against infection. Beet root is very nutritious as they contain vitamins and minerals and the most common way of consumption is by juicing the beetroot.

Beetroots are rich in folic acid vitamins, iron, potassium, manganese, antioxidants that provide us with many health benefits

Top 10 reasons to drink beet juice:

  1. Beetroot juice boosts your energy.

HOW: They provide you with 43Kcal/100gm of serve. They are rich source of folates and tryptophans which keeps you energetic.

  1. The juice cures birth defects.

HOW:  They contain folic acid vitamins, which can cure birth defects. Hence, it is a recommended juice for the pregnant women.

  1. Beetroot juices can solve anemia problem. 40% of the female population in the world suffers from anemia

HOW: They are rich in iron. Anemia is caused due to iron deficiency(known by your hemoglobin content). Beet root is your cure girls!! 🙂

  1. They are a must for patients suffering from hypertension.

HOW: They are loaded with potassium (beetroot is among top 5 rich in potassium foods), which is essential for people suffering from high blood pressure, thus keeping the blood pressure in control.

  1. Beetroot juices cure constipation issues and improves the digestion.

HOW: They are rich in dietary fibers.

  1. Beetroot juice helps you relax your mind and keep your mood balanced.

HOW: The juice contains betaine and tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid which is known to relax the mind of a man.

  1. The juice increase the blood flow to the brain, thus keeping you energetic and refrains from tiredness.

HOW: The juice of the beetroot converts nitrite to nitrate.Beetroot contains nitrite which increases the blood flow to the brain.

  1. Beetroots gives you clear skin and also keeps inflammation away.

HOW :  Since, they contain a lot of antioxidants; one of them is polyphenols,  that helps in clearing infection.

  1. Beetroot juices fight against cancer and  helps in development of stronger immune system.

HOW : The fiber present in the beetroot increases the level of antioxidant enzymes, which are known to eliminate cancer causing cells. They also increase the number of white blood cells in human body.

  1. Beetroot juice keeps cholesterol levels low.

HOW: The soluble fibers in the beetroot juice is high that helps in lowering the Low Density/Bad Cholesterol.


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Hair: A beauty asset

Who doesn’t love Good, Lustrous and Thick Hair?? And yes, hair is the most important asset to us!! A lot of people complain about various hair problems; be it, dandruff, hair fall, dull hair, greasy and oily hair, thin hair, split ends and the list goes on…

What do you think is the problem? The heat, the chemicals, the strong dyes,the increasing interest in color highlighting?? Yes, they add on to the problem.


Did you ever think, food can also contributes to the hair problem??  Work upon your food habit first and topical applications cannot work alone for hair growth!

Glossy, luxurious and lust hair is not luck-by-chance or by birth.Everyone faces some kind of hair problem depending on their heredity, hormonal changes and anxiety levels. Hair nurturing is a must and that comes from eating right.

Diet rich in Iodine, Iron and vitamin B complex is very crucial for good hair, hence have them frequently.

Iron comes from Egg yolk, Liver, Meat and for vegans, it is GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES!!

Make conscious efforts to eat fresh fruits, nuts, cottage cheese, egg and fish.

Do drink 8 glasses of water a day and see your hair growing well.

Yeast is known to improve hair growth; add “vegemite”, a taste enhancer and a yeast extract to your soup and juice. hair-2

Did you know?

Hair is a dead protein and protein rich foods works wonder for hair. Hair also grows the fastest in the night, hence applying oil in the night is very effective.

 Different Hair problems and their solutions:

Diets have to be fine-tuned according to the hair type.

 Hair root requires nourishment which comes from food and circulation comes from oiling, massage.

 Whats the right diet for our hair?? 

   Greasy Hair: The scalp secrets oil.

So, avoid eating fried foods, fats, sugar and chocolates.

   Dry Hair: Frizzy and dried hair is a tough thing to handle!

Add 2 tablespoon of salad oils to your regular meals and watch your hair getting rid of dryness.

     Hair fall: Short-tempered people have lot of hair fall problem. Normal hair fall per day is 60. Anything above this needs to be acted upon.

Stay away from regular tea and start having herbal tea preferably camomile.

Camomile tea & the flower

 Dandruff: The dead cells sheds itself, which is dandruff. They may cause acne/boils. In worse cases, may weaken the eye sight.

Dandruff haired people must avoid tea, coffee and soft drinks strictly. Switch to cod liver or vegetable oil instead of butter and animal fats.

   Split ends: A hair follicle is made up of three layers: Cuticle, Cortex and Medulla.Chemicals, strong dyes, heat, chlorine causes the separation of the 3 layers, causing them to split.

Use olive oil for cooking food and massaging hair.

Top 5 Topical Applications:

  1. Massage hair with Castor oil and some other oil (1:4) is the best for thickening of hair.
  2. Yogurt application for soft hair results.
  3. Overnight soaked fenugreek seeds and application the next morning for 30 minutes helps in hair fall reduction.
  4. Henna is a wonderful agent for oily hair ( to be mixed with coffee); conditioning (mixing with yogurt) and coloring (mixing with black tea). Leave it for 2o minutes and wash.
  5. Apply Olive oil + Honey for 30 minutes and the results are wonderful, hence leaving your hair lustrous!
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Bad Mood Blame your Mom

What is Bad Mood?

Being Confused, frustrated, irritated, and without a reason..!! And you feel attacked by these:

  1. Unable to get up from bed ever after a good night sleep
  2. Craving for some chocolates, pastries
  3. Reactive/Over reactive mood.

And, then the moment mom asks, “Kya hua”, you blame her, yell at her for the entire bad mood? It’s time for you to wake up & realize it is not your mom but your body is craving for vitamins and minerals.

Why Me?

Do u feel stuck and question why me? Mere sath hi kyun?

Wait wait wait… It happens with everyone, ask your classmate/friend/colleague.

Because…dear, you are not listening to your body needs. When there’s deficiency, your brain doesn’t function in full mode. And hence, you get cranky.

  • During puberty, a lot of hormonal changes take place in the body, hence there’s anger, frustration creeping in. It’s a phase of life. Be calm and meet your nutritional requirements.
  • Too many pyjama parties/sleepovers is definitely going to take a toll on your thighs, fattening them and upsetting your mind for a bad sleep.
  • Too much of stress and negativity in mind. Take a chill pill. Sabke sath kuch na kuch hota hai.
  • Young ladies; crash diet gives you a zero figure and all mood swings, be careful babes!
  • Binge eating : Pet bhar gaya, but mann nahi bhara     
  • Living away from home, depletes you from nutrition. Extra Care Alarm!!
  • Prolonged hours of starvation. Occupied with too much work, fight with someone and you skipped a meal. It’s a big NOO!!

10 ways to combat a Bad Mood:

  1. Listen to your mom. She has been through your age and definitely knows better than you about food
  2. Get rid of food fear that it will make you fat.
  3. Eat a banana in the morning after 10mins of waking up. It keeps your mood swings balanced.
  4. All your frustration and anger energy needs to be directed towards sports/exercise which will help in the regulation of mental and physical conditions.
  5. Whenever your mom serves you green leafy vegetables/fruits, don’t say a NO as they are loaded with good amount of Iron, which keeps your haemoglobin content high hence you feel energetic and lively throughout the day.
  6. Eating small quantities of food every 2-3hours.
  7. Fruits, dry fruits, milk, curd, yoghurt must be a part of routine diet for Vitamins, minerals and proteins, which must essentially be a part of our daily diet.
  8. If away from home, extra attention towards fruits, dry fruits & milk products please!
  9. Change your food habits and see your body nourishing well.
  10. Eat the right kind of food in the right amount at the right time.

Parents don’t be pushy

  • Do not force children to lose weight unnecessarily, help them choose one hobby to be active and fit.
  • Educate them on good food habits instead of instilling food fear which will make them fat or look ugly and in today’s world being fat is a rejection. No, it is not! Always remember that if food made you fat/ugly, there wouldn’t be so many varieties of food in the world. Food habits make you obese or healthy.

                               Accept yourself, the way you are. Every body has their own system and way of metabolism. To look good, one must feel good. Feeling good comes when body is working properly and mind is calm which comes from eating right food in the right quantity and at the right time

So, whenever you are cranky and frustrated and don’t understand what is wrong, eat something, it’s the way your brain reacts when it is deprived of energy.

Disclamer : Next time, you are bogged down, remember it is not your mom!

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How to stay fit with prolonged working hours

5 tips for healthy snacking at work.


Our lifestyle:

Work load and offices have made us ambitious but also stressed. Have you become dull/fat/lazy? If your answer is yes, then this post is for you! Blaming office/marriage is not going to help.

Take a step today. If you have been thinking to start something for yourself then the time is NOW. No time to exercise? No problem. Focus on your food habits. Your entire body functioning depends on them.

What to do?

Develop a habit of eating every 2 hours, as it helps in better nutrient absorption and doesn’t lead to fat accumulation and stomach upset.

5 tips for healthy snacking at work:

1.Got a water/tea vending machine? Cool! Have a cup of green tea. Dip your Organic India Tulsi Green Tea bag (available on Amazon) in hot water.

Why: Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants, which cleans your body toxins; and drinking in morning helps in weight reduction.

2.Have a handful or more of Roasted Peanuts; two hours after your breakfast.

Why: Roasted peanuts; are good sources of protein and magnesium. Buy a pack and keep it with you always.

3.RTD Chaas/Yakult/Curd (avoid topping with sugar/salt; use jeera/pepper) can be had after 2 hours of lunch. Have it as a different meal.

Why:   Dairy products are rich in Calcium and Vitamin B12; and it is necessary to have it in adequate amount so that it counteracts for the losses during menstrual cycle.

4.A cheese slice in the evening just before leaving office is a great option.

Why: It supplies you enough proteins, calcium and Vitamin B12 thus improving your vaginal health.

5.Put an alarm for all your meals.

Why :Health is Wealth baby



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All About Bananas

Banana, for me is a magical fruit. Loaded with Magnesium, Potassium and fibres, they provide multiple health benefits.

“Bananas ripen very quickly; the best way to prevent it from over ripening is to wrap the banana stems with a plastic and you will find the over ripening period has been extended by 5-7 days.”


Right from solving depression, insomnia problems to losing weight; let us have a look on top 10 reasons to eat Bananas:

  1. Eat bananas right after waking up; preferably within 15 minutes. Bananas are rich in Tryptophan (an amino acid) and Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine); which helps in elevating mood.
  2. Bananas can fight insomnia. Boil bananas in water for 15mins and strain it; add cinnamon to it and drink one hour before sleeping. This definitely will help you sleep better. The Vitamin B6 helps in releasing serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps you relax and sleep better.
  3. During stress or before an important meeting ahead, eat a banana instead of drinking tea, it will calm you down.
  4. Bananas are; hence it regulates your bowel movement.
  5. Bananas when eaten in morning; helps you reduce weight. This is because the body requires sugar and carbohydrates when very high in fibres we wake up and bananas provide the right amount of carbs to the body; hence it doesn’t allow carbs to get converted to fat.
  6. They contain resistant starch and helps in digestion improvement. Bananas are also a good source of prebiotic fibre; which is a good feed for human gut bacteria; thereby improving digestion and helping in fat oxidation.
  7. When eaten in evening; helps weight gain banana. Potassium is needed for proper muscle build-up/working; hence advisable to the body-builders to consume a banana/banana shake; right after exercising. It provides the body with adequate amount of carbs and potassium.
  8. A lot of women (mostly pregnant) suffer from muscle cramp in the night (calf muscle of the leg). This is due to the deficiency of potassium in the body, which can be supplied through banana.
  9. Bananas counteracts with the calcium loss during urination.
  10. High levels of potassium and low level of salt in bananas is beneficial for high BP patients lowering the risk of heart attack or stroke.


“Bananas can also form a wonderful face mask when mixed with little quantity of honey and applied for 10mins. It removes the dead skin allowing the skin to shine.”


Hope this helps you. Please do let us know the benefits received after trying this out.

*Open for feedback & review always*


Reach out to me:

Akansha Dalmia,

The Well Being Talk


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