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Constant Headache: Deal with it or Cure it!

If you are one of those who relies on 2 glass of water per day & supposes that the body will function adequately, then you are mistaken, my friend! Facing frequent headaches, partial/full headaches is not only because of massive smart phone usage & internet surfing but the chances that you are dehydrated!

Our body needs water for every activity it performs be it digestion, egestion, repair & it is important that we supply our body with enough water for it to function smoothly.


A headache is something that every man has suffered today be it due to stress or dehydration! Popping a tablet is not going to cure but only make you addicted!

Some people may suffer from a headache only while working on screen: It is important that you get anti-glare for yourself (a spectacle pair without any sight) or an anti glare laptop/desktop screen protection guard which will lessen the eye strain & also prevent a headache!

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Migraine: Another common type of a headache heard amongst the youngster & women. A headache occurs on the partial type of a headache that attacks a part of the head & is sometimes unbearable. It maybe because of dehydration or acidity problems, and sensitivity to light & sound. Have a lot of water & curd to cure your headache.

I remember how one of my friends suffered from severe migraine attacks & she is a woman who believes in curing through natural remedies, hence she adopted “Anlom-Vilom” which is a process of exhaling & inhaling that quickly relives a headache!

Sinus: Happens during winter & rainy season as the nasal cavities are inflamed. It is important that you take caution in the cold seasons by having a cup of hot milk in the night & keep yourself warm which regularly will prevent the nose from getting blocked & hence sinus.

Before allopathy had come into the picture, our ancestors solved all of their health issues through natural & home remedies. The less you rely on pharmaceutical products, the better it is for you!

4 weeks ago

Trouble having sound sleep?

A lot of us want to sleep but we don’t fall asleep! We lay in bed for hours together before sleeping…Insomnia, Sleeplessness, tired nights are the common complaints that we hear from our friends & relatives. Our minds are constantly wandering & not willing to shut especially in the night times…Why do you think is this happening? Why do you think you are not a morning person, who just cannot wake up early in the morning but can stay awake till 3 a.m. in the night?

Exploring the Common Reasons of Sleeplessness:

In this blog post, I am not going to talk about ageing, mind wandering, excessive use of mobile phones, but some common habits, which have been neglected & not thought they played a role hampering sleep. Opening the new book of the common reasons of sleeplessness will help you in realising what is needed for body & what not!

  1. Drinking Coffee post Sunset: Caffeine is a stimulant & drinking it or any kind of stimulant will take away your sleep. It doesn’t relax your body or put you to sleep. Usually, people who study late nights adopt drinking coffee to shu the sleep!

    Body is winding up the activities of the intestine & preparing to relax, focusing on repairing the damaged cells & tissues. Hence, loading with stimulants & heavy food will prevent the body from winding up its intestine work!

  2. Eating Heavy Dinners: People who have built up the habit of being hungry in the daytime & loading their gut with heavy food post office hours in the evening & night are going to definitely struggle with a sound sleep.
  3. Eating Full Fat Foods: Cultivating the habit of consuming Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Bakery stuffs in the evening as a snack means to load the intestine, while the intestine is winding up & the body is preparing for sleep. Eating junk & calorific foods, reverse the relaxing mode of the intestine thus disturbing the sleep.
  4. Calf Muscle Cramps: A lot of times, pregnant women & men after the age of 50, suffer from frequent calf muscle cramp in the middle of the night, disturbing their sleep- this is because of the deficiency of potassium. Bananas are a good source of potassium. Prevent your muscle cramps with eating bananas.

Now, if you are blaming your smartphones, Facebook or your spouse for your sleeplessness, it is time to realise that it is your food habits that are causing insomnia & sleeplessness.

Cheat Tips for Sound Sleep

1. Cashews:  The combination of Tryptophan & Vitamin B6 is the natural antidepressant, which will give you a sound sleep.

Take 4-5 cashews in a pestle & mortar, grind it with some milk until a smooth consistency is achieved.

Courtesy: Rujuta Diwekar

2. Ghee:  Massage your feet with a drop or two of ghee, this will improve the blood circulation & relax you.

3. Light Dinners: The lighter the dinner, the better is your sleep.

4. Almond Oil:  Massage your dark circles with almond oil, it will relax your eyes.

Let me know how did it work out for you!



1 month ago

Chia Seeds in Water – A Natural Energy Drink

Chia seeds are the new superfoods & I’m totally in love with the Chia seeds added water, the natural energy drink when I read a story how Aztec warriors could survive for 24 hours on just one spoon of Chia Seeds. Plant-based Chia Seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (commonly & abundantly found in fishes), which is extremely helpful in losing pounds.


I infuse my water with chia seeds & keep drinking it all day along! Raw seeds do not provide nutrients as much as the soaked seeds. Chia seeds can absorb water 10x its weight, hence it will keep us hydrated too!

Seven Wonders Of Chia Seeds:

  1. Excellent source of Fibres: 2 tsp of fibre can provide 10gms of fibre which 50% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance. Isn’t it amazing to switch from fibre rich biscuits to chia seeds? Also, a study proves that daily intake of 10gms of fibre reduces the risk of heart diseases & type 2 diabetes.
  2. Boosts Energy: If youget tired very quickly while working out, then start consuming Chia Seeds right away. They boost energy & metabolism similar to a sports drink. The best part of chia seeds serving as an energy booster is less sugar or zero sugar consumption. Chia seeds are rich in leptin which improves your stamina & endurance.
  3. Weight Loss:  Being rich in fibres, chia seeds get you away from unnecessary calorific snacking. Chia seeds are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids & alpha-linoleic fatty acids, which also contribute to weight loss. You may not lose pounds & pounds of weight but definitely, it reduces the visceral adipose tissue that causes the belly fat to increase.
  4. Build Muscle: Chia seeds are rich in proteins, providing almost 4gms of protein per ounce of serving. It is a superfood to all the vegans, who are always looking for foodstuff which will serve them with protein.So, if you are trying to develop lean muscles, lose out fat & balance your sugar level, then go ahead & infuse your water with Chia Seeds.
  5. Rich in Zinc: Lately, tablets like zincovit are gaining popularity amongst women aged above 40. These tiny seeds are rich in zinc, it will improve the woman’s health, increase the hormone leptin & keep the bad breath germs away!
  6. Digestive Health: After consumption of soaked chia seeds, they form a gelatin-like substance in the body, which improves the health of the bacterias present in the gut. Take it if you are suffering from any gastrointestinal issues: Acidity, Constipation, Diarrhoea.
  7. Improve Heart Health: Chia seeds are rich in essential fatty acids (omega-3 & Alpha-linolenic), which are associated with reduced LDL or Bad Cholesterol, decreased thrombosis, improved heart health & may also lower your blood pressure.



  • We can keep refilling the bottle with water, you do not have to discard the chia seeds. The chia seeds start absorbing water as soon as you have filled them with water.
  • Additionally, we can add chia seeds to curd, yoghurt, salad. However, the soaked chia seeds provide more nutrients than raw seeds.Adding chia seeds to lemon water can give good weight loss results.
  • Do not eat more than 10-15gms of chia seeds as the high fibre content can make your stomach upset.
  • If you are eating more than 2 tsp of raw chia seeds, then consume plenty of water.






Chug Some Water!!

Water the most abundant element on Earth & yet the least utilised by each individual for drinking There is so much on Internet today to drink more water, to keep yourself hydrated & do you seriously make an attempt to start drinking more water at least 8 glasses a day, or at least let’s begin with 6 glasses of water a day!

I used to drink 3-4 glasses of water a day & today I drink more than 10 glasses of water a day. I am amazed to see these changes in myself & I am sure, you will see these changes in yourself soon too:


You are calmer than before; if you tend to react a lot on tiny issues, then drink lots of water, it will calm your mind & even slightest increase of hydration in a woman’s body will help her overcome a headache & moodiness.

Source: Research on mild dehydration affects mood in healthy woman.


When you are drinking enough water, the need to eat something is eliminated. Whenever you feel like eating in the night time, have some water & it will leave you with the same feeling of being full as eating junk!

Why I say night time is because the extra calories taken up in the night time is the main cause of becoming fat.


Be it gym or workplace, your performance will improve as the body gets enough water to perform all its functional activities. A slight drop of 2% in hydration will cause you to easily become tired & have a headache.


The cells in the body are performing their activities 24*7. Each cell in our body contains water & they are surrounded by water. When you are dehydrated, the cell membrane becomes less permeable which doesn’t allow the smooth flow of hormones & nutrients into the cell & discarding of the waste product outside the cell. When this happens, your energy levels drop & you feel tired.


Digestion requires sufficient water to absorb all the nutrients & to discard all the wastes. The bowel system is regulated by the amount of water you intake. If you are suffering from constipation or hard bowel, then you need to start consuming lots of water right now.


  •  Infuse your water with cucumbers, mint(pudina), apples to improve the taste of your water.
  • Every time you are done with using the washroom, grab a bottle to drink some water.
  • Place your water bottle near to your phone. Every time you check your phone, make sure to drink some water.


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